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One of the ugliest cars ever built in one of the best TV shows ever created
Anyone who's ever had the chance to watch the award-winning TV series Breaking Bad will have a hard time forgetting main protagonist Walter White's daily driver: That lackluster Pontiac Aztek.The Aztek is a five-seat SUV from General
A spotter’s guide for the new trailer
So, you've probably seen the trailer for the new Fast and Furious movie. And you're probably excited. We were honestly on the fence until we got to Tyrese Gibson screaming "MY ASS IS EN FUEGO!" Actually, we'd love a
Atlanta to Texas and back in 28 hours
As film plots go, Smokey And The Bandit is particularly flimsy. Bo 'Bandit' Darville (Burt Reynolds), is a hot-shoe truck rodeo driver approached by a wealthy, and extremely thirsty, businessman looking to throw a party in the dry state of Georgia.
News broke earlier today that actor Burt Reynolds had passed away at the age of 82. He played many iconic characters throughout his decades in Hollywood, but for car guys, perhaps none were as memorable as his leading role in The Cannonball
Can you guess what model it is?
The past NBA season was one for the ages. The Golden State Warriors managed to break the Chicago Bulls' 72-win regular season record, and Lebron James finally delivered an NBA championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers. But in between all that, Kobe
It appears to be a growing trend in the industry
General Motors will get its first-ever female chief executive in Mary Barra, who currently serves as the American car company\'s executive vice president for global product development, purchasing and supply chain. Barra will be replacing current CEO Dan Akerson, who
Clue: It\'s Japanese
Two years before Megan Fox was born, the original Transformers TV animation series went on air and was broadcast for three years until its demise in 1987. Back then, Bumblebee was a Volkswagen Beetle, not the current-generation Chevrolet Camaro that kids
What started as a rumor last week was finally confirmed. General Motors (GM) is officially killing the Pontiac brand.GM's viability plan to turn its U.S. operations into "a leaner, more customer-focused, and more cost-competitive automaker" includes
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