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Talk about exclusive
Porsche Design is going all-in on the watches at the moment. A couple of months ago it released one that celebrated its 75th birthday, and now there's another that apparently pays tribute to the 911 on its 60th anniversary.Like
Pink is power
If you're a regular visitor to these pages, you may be aware of Gunther Werks. You may not be aware that the Californian restomodder has been working on a brilliantly bonkers twin-turbo version of its 993-gen Porsche 911...We
It’s got 700hp and a rather eye-catching rear wing...
Let's just marvel at this one for a while, shall we? I suspect you have been already. Maybe you'd like some more time? Go back, just check that rear arch is as mad as it looks?It is, take it
No actual 911 STs were harmed in the restoration
Everrati has been at it again. Not satisfied with turning the comments section into a frenzy with electric versions of the Porsche 964 and 911 Cabriolet, it is now lining up the "ultra-rare" 911 ST for electrification.To be clear Everrati
It’s number six of 11 bespoke Lanzante 930 TAG Turbo cars
What do you get if you cross a wild Formula 1 V6 engine with a classic Porsche 911? Nope, it's not the latest in a string of lamentable dad jokes. When Mercedes first announced its intention to create the AMG One-
by Cat Dow
This one comes from Theon Design
Buona giornata, amici, for today we get to see yet another fully restored classic Porsche 911. It is the work of Oxfordshire-based outfit Theon Design; an old car transformed for a new customer in Italy. And long story short, it is
GT 7 just keeps it coming with the awesome freebies
It's safe to say that F1 has produced some deliriously pretty machinery. The Ferrari 641, McLaren MP4/4, Brabham BT52, Lotus 49... all worthy of wall art. But, after a pretty thorough look at all of those 'best-looking F1 cars
The sale has set a new world record for Targas
A very old car has sold for a very high sum. In other news: the sun, quite hot, actually. Yep, in news that'll surprise nobody, a classic Porsche has set a new world record at an auction.Begrudge it we won'
It's a proud day for us at the Top Gear Philippines office: Our former art director, Jaykee Evangelista, has had his artwork featured at the 2022 Icons of Porsche motoring festival in Dubai's Design District.Jaykee's been a mainstay
How does over 900hp sound to you?
Few would climb aboard a 991-generation Porsche 911 GT2 RS and immediately think 'what I really need here is an extra 242hp'. Though should such a thought exist, you could give German tuner Manhart a call, because it has just unveiled
Cayenne? What Cayenne?
It's not often we taste a new flavour of Porsche 911. Usually the same models come around on largely excellent repeat: Carrera, Targa, Turbo, GT3, Sport Classic... there's a 911 for just about anyone. Except, what if you like mucking
Yes, you read that right
A tuner by the name of DevSpeed Motorsports has unveiled a unique new take on Porsche 911 modification, by transplanting the four-cylinder turbocharged engine from a Subaru Impreza STI into a 997-generation GT3.It's not the first time - wait
The rumors are true
Steady thine senses, as it turns out the rumors were true and the spy shots were real: Porsche has announced that it will unveil an off-road-spec 911 at the upcoming LA Auto Show later this month.And yes, Porsche has
Those green accents are lit
Porsche has announced prices for its latest snappily-titled US special edition - the 911 GT3 RS 'Tribute to Carrera RS Package' - and hoo boy it is not cheap.As you can probably tell (from the name and the vivid Python Green accents),
The ultimate 'affordable' mid-engined Porsche?
It might be the favourite. A Cayman unleashed, Porsche has finally dropped a 9,000rpm GT3 howler into its world-class mid-engine sports car, and lavished it with the circuit-ready RS aero treatment. Yum.OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:
A back-to-basics 911
You there! Been desperate to buy a brand-new Porsche 911 but furious that Stuttgart wouldn't allow you to combine the basic 370hp Carrera engine with a manual gearbox?What's that? You desired a 911 with no back seats but
Proceeds from the sale will go to various children’s charities
A while back, we tried to tell you that Porsche had built a one-off 911 GTS as an homage to Sally Carrera from Cars. Instead, we digressed into musings over parenthood and sitting through enough matinees of lesser Pixar films (looking
Just...look at it!
We're simple creatures around here - Porsche could fit its 517hp, 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat six to a mobile library and we'd probably call it good. So for an engine of that magnitude and magnificence to get lost almost
It’s a real-life version of one of the animated film’s characters, Sally Carrera
Cars-the first one, let's be clear-is arguably one of the best Disney-Pixar films ever created. That's totally unbiased opinion from this '90s kid who grew up as a fan of the Cars franchise. Seriously.If you agree
Sweet, sweet noise
Porsche unveiled the road-going 992-gen 911 way back at the end of 2018, but up until now it has continued to campaign the 991.2 GT3 R in international motorsport.That'll soon change, though, as the 992-spec GT3
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