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It can do 0-100kph in 3.6sec
After unveiling the refreshed Cayenne earlier this year, Porsche has announced new range-topping Turbo E-Hybrid versions of both the SUV and SUV-coupe thing.The big news? Well, as you might expect these days, it's a very big power
This car’s ‘entry-level’ no more
A company called Fifteen Eleven Design has revealed a new car that celebrates an old entry-level one which, when new, was underpowered and not enormously successful. Welcome then, to a very-not-entry-level-anymore recreation of the Porsche 914, first
Built for ‘sheer driving pleasure’
When Andreas Preuninger, the boss of Porsche's GT Line cars, gets this enthusiastic, he's pretty hard to ignore. Not that you'd ever want to."Honestly, I can't wait for you to drive it. I know we're not
These look pretty sick
Artificial intelligence is really quite the thing. With the advent of more advanced AI tools, we've seen all sorts of wild digital creations come out on the Internet. Frankly, it can be a bit scary, but we digress.Recently, while browsing
Talk about exclusive
Porsche Design is going all-in on the watches at the moment. A couple of months ago it released one that celebrated its 75th birthday, and now there's another that apparently pays tribute to the 911 on its 60th anniversary.Like
Pink is power
If you're a regular visitor to these pages, you may be aware of Gunther Werks. You may not be aware that the Californian restomodder has been working on a brilliantly bonkers twin-turbo version of its 993-gen Porsche 911...We
From Porsche to Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin
The safety car is a staple in any Formula 1. Whether it's for the parade lap or collecting the racers after an incident, it's almost unimaginable to not see a Mercedes-AMG or an Aston Martin controlling the pace of
Because art
Notice anything unusual about this Porsche Taycan? Correct! It's not wearing a front number plate, which means it'll no doubt get pulled over by the police in its native Sweden the second it hits the road. Nightmare.Oh yeah, and
This could be the hypercar that takes us beyond the petrol era
Mission X. Porsche says it's a concept. Ha. It goes on to say it's intended to be the fastest road-legal car around the Nurburgring. And you don't do that with a concept.What an amazing-looking thing, though.
The crest gets updates for the first time in nearly a decade
This is the new Porsche crest, and if you're not quite up to speed on your knowledge of German sportscar badges, some explanation may be required. This is going to get... exciting.The top of the crest has been widened with
No actual 911 STs were harmed in the restoration
Everrati has been at it again. Not satisfied with turning the comments section into a frenzy with electric versions of the Porsche 964 and 911 Cabriolet, it is now lining up the "ultra-rare" 911 ST for electrification.To be clear Everrati
More style outside, more screens inside
You've seen the screen-tastic interior of the new Porsche Cayenne. You've observed its multitude of screens, some of which the driver can see, and one of which they cannot. You've seen the new vents and the starter button.
Yes, it's been that long since the Cayenne came out
You have. The Porsche Cayenne recently celebrated its 20th birthday and a gathering at a trackday would have been plain silly, however much chassis technology has gathered under its bodywork in the passing years. A minor adventure through the County Durham countryside
Camping in style
What if you take two icons in the auto travel world and brief them to make an equally iconic campervan concept? That's the question Studio F. A. Porsche and Airstream asked themselves when they created this classy travel trailer.Alive in
by Cat Dow
GT 7 just keeps it coming with the awesome freebies
It's safe to say that F1 has produced some deliriously pretty machinery. The Ferrari 641, McLaren MP4/4, Brabham BT52, Lotus 49... all worthy of wall art. But, after a pretty thorough look at all of those 'best-looking F1 cars
Any Porsche fans here?
Let's face it: It's been a long while since a Transformers film has brought anything new to the table. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, as a formula that revolves around cool cars, robots, and explosions is always
*Roughly $18,000 or 124,000 yuan in the local currency
Ever seen absurdly low-priced listings of totally legit items on online sales platforms? We've come across a few ourselves and proceeded with the purchase just to see what would happen...only to get a frantic message from the seller begging
Nearly 10.5 million served in 2022
Toyota has been duking it out with Volkswagen for the past couple of years in the global auto sales race. But since 2019, it's Toyota that has been leading that race with Volkswagen behind by either a few hundred thousands or
Classic looks with modern amenities
Owners of classic Porsches are getting the opportunity to upgrade their infotainment setups. To offer drivers Apple Carplay and Android Auto, Porsche Classic has developed a follow-up to its successful 2020 solution.The models Porsche has targeted with its retrofitted head
Porsche is hard at work right now
The next Porsche Macan is getting some serious power. In a statement about its pathway to electromobility, the sports car brand said that the new Macan, which will be all-electric and ready to start testing, will be capable of producing up
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