Until the weather improves, no road repairs can be done
Last week was horrendous. Rains brought by habagat (partly due to Typhoon Fabian as well) left several areas in the metro flooded. Major thoroughfares such as Taft Avenue in Manila City were submerged in almost knee-deep waters.Now, while the worst
We need this kind of initiative
Patchy roads suck, plain and simple. And it turns out they're not just bad for us and our cars, but for our food, too. The Guardian reports that Domino's Pizza has taken matters into its own hands, at least in
Can anything be done?
A large pothole damaged my car. Who do I sue?Hapless motoristYou may sue the province, city or municipality for the damage to your car caused by a large pothole.The local government unit (LGU) has the duty to make sure that
Stay woke on the road
Almost every Pinoy motorist knows that our roads are nowhere near perfect, and their condition gets worse during the rainy months. This can turn your drive into a slalom challenge of avoiding potholes.I honestly can't help ponder that this is
By lessening severity of road imperfections
It's no secret that some of the most irritating things about driving are potholes, road ruts and other road surface imperfections. While we would all want to drive and ride on billiard-table-smooth streets, sadly, this is not the reality.
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