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And that, of course, calls for a special-edition model
And the cabin is stunning
So, the new A-Class, the smallest Mercedes that isn't technically a Smart. Only now it's bigger than ever. It's 30mm longer, with a 14mm wider front track, more shoulder-, head- and elbow-room and a more voluminous, more
It gets a stylish makeover
The A7 Sportback is Audi's response to the popular Mercedes CLS, the model responsible for popularizing the modern four-door coupe segment. Now after seven long years, the time has finally come for the big Audi coupe's successor to debut.
Luxury for young people
As I picked up the A-Class A180 Urban test unit at the Mercedes-Benz HQ along EDSA, the carmaker's PR whiz Fatima Cullado joined me for a brief drive and a quick bite. Along the way, she told me that
It's got 400hp
Remember the Audi RS3? Course you do-the first sedan version was revealed at the Paris Motor Show last year, brandishing an unholy 400hp. The five-door hatchback was quiet and neglected while its booted sister grabbed the headlines, but now Audi'
It's the 'most affordable' Benz in the market today
Most of us mere mortals have probably fantasized about owning a Mercedes-Benz at one point or another. Unfortunately, our budgets are usually just as mortal, and hardly enough to purchase a Chedeng. There's a new variant available, though, that puts
A proper send-off
It's hard to believe that the current-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS is already five years old. It only seems like yesterday when the swoopy lines of the four-door coupe first entered the scene. In car years, however, five years is
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