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The only thing better is a private jet
There are all sorts of reasons not to consider the Toyota Alphard, the expensive, gas-guzzling behemoth in the Japanese carmaker's lineup. Despite its hulking size, it only seats seven. The humongous grille draws too much attention. And that price is
It's practically a Lexus
It has been said that discretion is the better part of valor. Well, in my dealings with successful (and classy) people, I have come across a common behavioral pattern when it comes to enjoying their wealth: they rarely flaunt it. Oh sure,
Are you ready for the cargo-carrying Mini?
Last March at the Geneva Motor Show, Mini debuted its Clubvan concept, which combines the driving fun that the brand is known for with increased load-carrying capability. It seems the British carmaker received enough clamor for it as the Clubvan is
For those who can't get enough of the new Japanese minivan
Buzz in the local automotive industry has been focused on a new minivan: the Toyota Alphard, a 2.4-liter that promises luxuries to please more than just the driver with its seven-seater capacity. With the last two articles on TopGear.
My, how perceptions change, particularly Sharleen Banzon's after she gets behind the wheel of the 'ultimate' soccer-mom minivan. <br />
If pride had let me before to say I'd prefer walking to driving a two-million-peso, soccer-mom minivan, I must now eat my words. I was young and idealistic, and haven't yet driven the Toyota Previa-
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