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What would you like to see in the next-gen crossover when it arrives?
It’s where design and comfort intersect
When Lexus Philippines supervisor Jade Sison offered me the UX crossover for a test drive, I did an unusual thing: I asked what color the demo car was-something I rarely do in our line of work. You see, I'm going
*Almost, anyway
Subcompact crossovers are all the rage nowadays. Models like the Ford EcoSport, the Nissan Juke, and the Suzuki Vitara are strong sellers for their respective brands for good reason: They offer motorists the higher ride height and added space of an SUV
One is an M Performance version, the other is a plug-in hybrid
BMW has been busy expanding its range of SUVs (or sports activity whatever), and for 2019, the X2 and the X5 are getting new variants, each boasting some of the brand's latest powertrain, driver-assistance, and multimedia technologies.First up
But is it better?
Busy year for Audi. After replacing the A8, A7, A6 and A1, introducing the Q8 and face-lifting the TT and A4-all within the last few months-it's decided to give us a new Q3, too. And it's about
Yes, there's a new BMW crossover. Again
There is no stronger indicator that crossovers now rule the world, than by the fact that BMW now has almost as many X models as it has numbered models. We have the 1-Series all the way to the recently announced 8-
Meet the newest and smallest member of the Q family
This isn't the usual Audi campaign. The Q2's marketing is totally hip, featuring colorful graffiti and a cheeky dig at the millennial obsession with multiple hashtags. Smaller crossovers are attracting a younger market, which is challenging premium brands to think
Chedeng crossover, anyone?
Small, cheeky hatchback: Every word in that phrase doesn't immediately associate itself with Mercedes-Benz. The GLA certainly looks the part of a Benz, at least from the front. The designers did a good job of fitting the brand's sporty-
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