Articles about Presidential Cars

Definitely a first
Track-day cars are normally high-revving, stripped-out, and on slicks. Not Donald Trump's. At this year's Daytona 500, he took 'Cadillac One'-a GMC Topkick-based armored car that's fitted with highly classified defense tech and better
Learn about classic automobiles and Philippine history
If our cars are extensions of who we are, then our country's past presidential cars reflect not just their users' personalities and preferences-these people, after all, were once our heads of state. Each state car thus also represents the political,
Calling all history buffs
Snail mail may be considered by many to be a relic of a bygone era, but just like vinyl players and film photography, there's still a certain appeal to the practice that makes it worthwhile.There's just something oddly satisfying
Plus a brief history lesson on car paint
For centuries, monochrome black was the customary color used or applied to many works done: drawing pictograms, writing manuscripts, and even in painting carriages and coaches. Its application was due to practicality or expediency.A general sample is the 'black' thick India
Any license plate collector out there?
It's widely accepted that the hobby of collecting license plates began in the US. At the time, these were the easiest 'automobilia' (toys, pedal cars, oil cans, and the like) one could get their hands on. The Automobile License Plate Collectors
Your new armored limo has arrived
Last February, Mercedes-Maybach came out with the S600 Guard. That stately sedan, you might recall, was practically a luxury tank for heads of state who need a bit more protection against coup plotters.But if such opulence isn't enough, the
What will the presidential vehicle be?
Change has come, and today it arrived onboard a white Toyota Land Cruiser.Rodrigo Duterte--the Philippines' 16th president--showed up at his inauguration ceremony in Malacañang Palace riding the premium Japanese SUV, flanked by black Nissan Patrols and several other
Check out these old presidential cars
Historical artifacts should be considered priceless. And if these artifacts happen to be presidential cars, then that's even better for petrolheads like us who love seeing old metal in restored condition.The April issue of Top Gear Philippines featured a story
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