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Maintenance services and various Prestone products are available here
You can give dad the gift of safety by making sure his car is in tip-top shape
Still looking for something to give your dad this Father's Day? We know what it's like. That's why we have here some suggestions that might help you out.Instead of giving your old man typical material gifts, why not
The start of their new journeys
Every parent wants to give their child the best possible options and opportunities for their future. It's a sentiment that Prestone Philippines shares, which is why the brand recently honored the nine recipients of its Anak ng Mekaniko scholarship program. In
Tell your mechanic about it
Here's a small-talk topic you can bring to the auto shop the next time you bring your car: Prestone's scholarship program exclusive for mechanics' children is looking for nine deserving candidates nationwide.Dubbed "Anak ng Mekaniko Scholarship Program," it
Keeping motorists safe for almost a century
Prestone first started in 1927 as an engine anti-freeze/coolant in the US, and the product saw heavy use in war vehicles. The brand then grew in reputation and became not only known for its coolants, but for its brake fluids
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