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Behind stablemate Corolla and Ford Focus
That's a lot of green vehicles
Total worldwide sales of Toyota hybrid vehicles, including those badged under its luxury brand Lexus, have reportedly breached the four-million-unit mark as of April 30 this year.Though the Toyota Prius is popularly known as the world's first mass-
It's a lot more affordable too
Toyota Motor Philippines has launched a more affordable alternative to its Prius hybrid hatchback in the Prius C less than a month after the car was first launched in its home country of Japan.As the latest addition to Toyota's Prius
The FT-86 is just the beginning
The days of blandly-designed Toyotas may soon be over as the brand's top executive, Toyota Motor president Akio Toyoda, reportedly wants a "more emotional approach" in the Japanese company's future vehicles. And Akihiro Nagaya, general manager of Toyota's
Maybe it's time to start saving up for a hybrid car...
Jeremy Clarkson won't like this bit of news but Toyota believes hybrid vehicles--including extended-range plug-ins--may account for 20 percent of global vehicle sales by 2020.According to, the forecast was told by Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota'
The best of both worlds
Toyota will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September the production version of the Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) .Instead of using a Nickel-metal hydride battery like the current Prius, the Prius PHEV utilizes a new, more compact
Can you guess what it is?
The world saw the Prius lineup expand when Toyota unveiled the Prius v multipurpose vehicle and the Prius c Concept during the North American International Auto Show in January. While expansion is (almost) always positive, it also gave Toyota a little problem.
The more affordable eco-friendly choice?
Motorists who find the third-generation Prius and the Prius v too mature for their taste may want to wait for an incoming member of Toyota's hybrid family: the Prius c.Toyota revealed the Prius c Concept vehicle at the 2011
Part of the hybrid's growing family
Toyota marked the expansion of its hybrid product line with the introduction of the Prius v at the 2011 North American International Auto Show.The new Prius v, with "v" standing for versatility, comes with four driving modes (Normal, Power, Eco and
More oomph for the world's most popular hybrid
Despite its popularity among many Hollywood celebrities and environment-friendly motorists, the Toyota Prius hasn't exactly made waves in the Philippine market.Still, we thought those who were able to afford the world's most popular hybrid, and those who are
Two million units sold since 1997
The Toyota Prius has reached the two-million sales mark after the world's most popular hybrid had its debut in 1997.A total of 2.012 million Prius units have been in 70 countries over the past 13 years. At least
Are you getting more than what you deserve?
I recall one chat I had with some classmates during a break back in college. We saw a batchmate of ours driving a then current generation Mitsubishi Pajero, and we thought it was too much for a freshman like us to be
Michael Jackson was not exactly a car nut but he made headlines with his wheels anyway.
Michael Jackson was not exactly a car nut but he made headlines with his wheels anyway.As the world mourns the passing of the King of Pop, looks back at stories Michael Jackson shared with his most popular cars.
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