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We didn't get these, but we did get the PT Cruiser. Life just isn't fair...
Still in camouflage form
What is it, and why does it look like a circuit board?This is the BMW X7, BMW's biggest, most luxurious SUV. It's a decent chunk bigger than an X5, a touch bigger than a Range Rover (though not quite
Driving the McLaren BP23 hypercar prototype
Look closely at this McLaren 720S. Notice something unusual? That's right, it has a central driving position. You know what this means-it's a prototype of the BP23 hyper GT.Don't get too excited and assume I've driven
It wouldn't surprise us
Carmakers-truly exclusive carmakers-measure their customers' wealth in number of vehicles owned. Famously, a typical Bugatti Chiron buyer will have 64 cars, three jets, three helicopters, and a yacht. But, pray tell, how many submarines?Aston Martin has clearly eyed a
*Sadly, it's still a prototype
Meet Miimo, Honda's wonderful and rather cutesy autonomous lawnmower. Introduced in 2013, over the last few years many Miimos have been scampering around gardens, cutting grass and trying not to capsize into flower beds.To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Honda'
It promises to be spectacular
In 1991, BMW's M Division partnered up with BMW Technik to work on a very, very hush-hush project; a project only known about by a few, and kept secret for years. An 'M8.'It packed a 550hp V12 with much
Carmaker comes up with this prototype
The Honda Civic Hatchback has morphed into various interpretations since it was last sold in our country some two decades ago. This time around, the company wants to unite all Civic body styles.At the Geneva International Motor Show, Honda has unveiled
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