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These are the latest additions to the fleet of vehicles shuttling frontliners
Know anyone who needs this?
So far, the Pasig City government has done a standup job making things easy for its constituents during the Luzon-wide enhanced quarantine period.The local government quickly got its act together following the announcement of a public transportation ban in Metro
Some much-needed relief for transport workers
The Pasig City government has announced it will be providing thousands of public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers cash assistance worth P3,000 starting Monday, March 30, 2020.In a Facebook post, Pasig City mayor Vico Sotto said that a total of P55.
Public transportation workers have been hit hard
The public transportation ban due to the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine is hitting PUV drivers hard. Thankfully, there are individuals out there who've noticed the predicament of jeepney drivers, tricycle operators, and other public transport workers, and are lending a
“So please don’t expect anthing major or fancy”
It's rare that companies flat out admit faults and shortcomings, especially to as unforgiving an audience as that on social media. But considering the circumstances, we think it's safe to say Angkas deserves a pass.The motorcycle-taxi company recently
Now more than ever we need reliable local government
Since the government implemented an enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, several issues on mobility arose due to the total ban on public transport across the region.Thankfully, several LGUs and government agencies were able to come up with the necessary solutions. The
Are you ready to make the jump?
If there's anything the last several days have taught us, it's that remote-office setups aren't just a fad-they're here for good.It isn't just the threat of a deadly virus that calls for more companies
They need all the help they can get
If there's anything we've learned over the first few days of the government's Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine period, it's that in this situation, transportation could be as vital to fighting COVID-19 as life-saving medicines.During
“Ipapahamak niyo lang ang pamilya niyo kung magpupumilit kayong bumiyahe”
Progress at last
The government is finally ironing out the details of its enhanced quarantine period over Luzon.Regarding frontline workers unable to make it to hospitals because of the Luzon-wide public transport ban, the InterAgency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging
An in-depth guide you can follow in light of recent events
Last night was yet another eventful one, as the government has announced that the entire Luzon will be placed under an 'enhanced community quarantine'-a policy which has already taken effect as of today, March 17, 2020.This meant a total ban
Other government offices have started pitching in, too
Today marks the first day of the 'enhanced community quarantine' implemented across Luzon. However, not everything went as smoothly as everyone would have hoped.A lot of frontliners-mostly health workers who regularly commute to and from their posts-found themselves stranded
If private cars will go out for necessities, only one person can go
It's official: The Philippine government has now announced a total ban on all forms of public transportation to fight the spread of COVID-19 within the island of Luzon. This is part of an 'enhanced quarantine' on the whole of Luzon-
Uh oh
Note: The image above is a file photo from our archives.Metro Manila's community quarantine period is off to a rough and possibly dangerous start.Commuters in some areas of the nation's capital were greeted this morning by large crowds
The LTFRB lists designated terminals for PUVs going in and out of the capital
The government had made a number of further clarifications regarding the Metro Manila quarantine over the weekend.The Department of Transportation (DOTr) recently released its social-distancing guidelines for all modes of public transport. Now, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (
Any fare increases must be approved by the LTFRB first
Times are tough all around right now thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the entire world. In the Philippines' case, a government-enforced community quarantine of Metro Manila is currently ongoing until April 14, 2020. The quarantine's restrictions
No jeepneys, buses, taxis, or trains will be allowed to operate at full capacity
Commuters, drivers, and PUV operators, take note: The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has released the latest social-distancing guidelines for all modes of public transport amidst the current COVID-19 code red sublevel 2 situation in Metro Manila.If you've been
Details on the transport of food and goods, travel for work
Last night, the Philippine government raised the nation's COVID-19 alert status to code red sublevel 2. To prevent the spread of the virus within the country, authorities announced domestic travel restrictions on all forms of transport in and out of
If possible, just stay at home
In case you didn't stay up for President Rodrigo Duterte's press conference last night, the nation is now under COVID-19 code red sublevel 2.In this situation, domestic travel by air, sea, and land to and from Metro Manila
But remember: Stay in if you can
Even before a 'community quarantine' was declared for the National Capital Region on the evening of March 12, the government had cautioned the public against taking overcrowded public transportation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in various parts of the country,
Travel safe and avoid touching your face
The government has raised COVID-19's alert level to code red sublevel 2. Now, chances are many of you have some idea or notion of what this means thanks to information circulating online, but let's clear things up a bit.
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