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Honesty is the best policy
Here at the Top Gear Philippines office, there's a small store inside our pantry that sells snacks-cookies, chips, pancit canton, and the like-via an 'honesty' payment system.For those of you unfamiliar with how this works, basically there's
Oh, the irony
So you might've heard that the government has launched its PUV modernization program. What was interesting though is that on our way to cover the launch at Camp Aguinaldo, we spotted a group of jeepney drivers protesting the program just outside
Some quick facts
The government's long-planned PUV modernization program has officially been launched. The formalities took place during a briefing at Camp Aguinaldo. The program, according to the official press release, is "designed to make public utility vehicles safer, more convenient, more comfortable,
Now this is public transport
Rommel Juan is the vice president for sales and marketing at Centro Manufacturing Corporation--Isuzu Philippines' partner in making truck bodies. He's no stranger to the jeepney, though, because he's part of the MD Juan Enterprises family. In case you
You can now Viber images for proof
The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board has just put up its new 24/7 hotline, via which commuters can report drivers or operators of public-utility vehicles committing any unbecoming behavior or conduct. Everything from rudeness to defective meters, you can
Will it improve traffic in Quiapo area?
Effective today, the city government of Manila is implementing express lanes on Quezon Boulevard, both northbound and southbound.Southbound vehicles headed for Lawton are advised to keep left to go up the Quezon Bridge in Quiapo, while public-utility vehicles are advised
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