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Hundreds of vehicles banned from being exported
Because we don't know what gadget Steve Jobs will launch next
We already know how complicated the process of designing modern cars is. Every carmaker has a well-funded department called R&D--research and development, of course--whose task is to ensure that every new car that rolls off the assembly line
Glow-in-the-dark cars?
The radiation scare after the twin disasters that hit Japan on March 11 continues as some cars imported from the country were found to have low levels of radioactivity.According to the English-language Mainichi Daily News, customs agents in Chile detected
Here's what you need to know
Hi, Ferman!With Fukushima being in the news often lately, should we be concerned about how radioactivity will affect our cars? What are the effects of radioactivity in cars? What should we do to protect our cars if radioactivity hits the Philippines?
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