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Here’s everything you need to know
The emergency road repairs along the length of the EDSA Busway kicked off last night, August 4, at 10pm, and will last until 5am of August 9. The roadwork will address damage dealt by the recent typhoons and monsoon rains.To help
Proceed with utmost caution
Several parts of the country have been troubled by heavy rains over the past few weeks, and earlier today, things have made a turn for the worse. The continuous downpour on the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) has caused severe floods.As of
Here are the affected areas
If your regular route takes you through EDSA, take note that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will be carrying out emergency roadwork along sections of the thoroughfare from 10pm of Friday, August 4, to 5am of Wednesday, August 9.
Take note
More details have been released by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) regarding its new undertaking to fine motorcycle riders taking shelter under flyovers and underpasses during a downpour.According to the agency, erring riders will be fined beginning August 1, 2023.
What stressful days for motorists
If you were on the road today, you probably (and still are) experienced carmageddon just like we did. The non-stop rains resulted in gridlock all over Metro Manila. But those in the South especially felt it because of the flooding in
Stay dry!
It's the rainy season again, and that means we'll be encountering floods more frequently. We've given tips on how to drive in the rain, as well as what NOT to do when the weather turns for the worse.When
This only the partial cost
While Typhoon Karding may already be outside the country's area of responsibility, the Philippines isn't out of troubled waters just yet.Based on partial numbers released by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Typhoon Karding has left behind
Stay safe, everyone
Planning to push through with that road trip you had planned now that Typhoon Noru-labeled locally as Typhoon Karding-is on its way out? You'll probably want to hold off on that idea first.While the worst of Typhoon Karding
Is it too late to address this issue?
Constant declogging and creek-clearing operations, upgraded pumping stations-yes, you can kind of call these band-aid solutions to Metro Manila's flood problem. But at this point, a permanent fix might already be out of reach barring something drastic being
Should PH units undergo this, too?
Giant spiders, aggressive kangaroos, flame tornados, vegemite? These are just some of the many "dangers" the Land Down Under is supposedly known for. Australia has to deal with plenty of less meme-worthy hazards, too, though.One common example of this is
About time
Last year, the Philippine Commission on Audit cited the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for 59 flood control projects that were delayed due to red tape. Now, the agency is saying these have been "substantially" completed.In a statement, the MMDA announced
No to littering
Do you get annoyed when you see a motorist roll down their window to throw trash on the road? Yes, we do as well. It's lazy, irresponsible and-as the situation on EDSA following yesterday's downpour showed-doesn't do
Rain, rain, go away...
While riding in wet weather is best avoided, not everyone has the luxury of staying in during the rainy season. Even with the recently implemented emergency lay-bys for motorcycle riders, many of us still have to brave the rough weather on
More than 330,000 tons of silt, solid waste extracted from the river
In the midst of all the recent rains and floods brought about by habagat and Typhoon Fabian, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) shares some good news. The company has reported that its ongoing cleanup of the Tullahan-Tinajeros river system has helped reduce
Get ready to be hit right in the feels
There's something about the rain that just makes you want to sit at home, put on some senti music, and chill out with a warm drink in hand. Perfect scenario, right?Well, life is far from perfect, and we're sometimes
Be safe out there
The rains caused by Typhoon Fabian and the southwest monsoon (habagat) have barely let up the past few days, leaving parts of Metro Manila and other neighboring localities dealing with floods. Evacuations of residents in flood-prone areas-especially in Marikina City,
Were any of you caught up in the recent floods?
The rains have been pouring damn hard these past several days mainly due to Habagat and partly because of Typhoon Fabian, leaving several areas around the Philippines-specifically, Metro Manila-submerged in floods.Taft Avenue in Manila City was one thoroughfare that
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