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Through six easy steps
Rearview mirrors on modern cars are attached to the windshield using special adhesives that create a chemical bond. The attachment is through a base plate that is glued directly on the glass, where the rearview mirror's stalk is clip-locked into
This might take some getting used to
You're about to switch lanes. To be extra careful, you glance at your side-view mirrors to ensure that there are no cars coming from the rear. But wait, something is different here: Instead of seeing the reflection of what's
Have peace of mind this holiday season
In the lawless frontier known as Metro Manila, we're all too aware of the usefulness of dashboard cameras. But if you're a savvy motorist, you're most likely also using a smartphone mounted on your windshield. Adding a dash cam
And you avoid driving there alone at night
Anyone who's had his fair share of late-night drives will tell you that there really isn't much to the old "taxi horror stories" we used to hear as kids. Tales of ghostly apparitions and uninvited passengers tend to lose
Before it's even available in the market
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Nissan would show off its Smart Rearview Mirror at the 2014 New York Auto Show. Well, not only did it appear at the annual event, but it was also named the 2014 Traffic Safety
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