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Using a new ‘closed-loop’ recycling system
Automakers have continued to ramp up their sustainability efforts as the years pass, and it's definitely been a welcome sight. Nissan, for its part, is taking an innovative approach to recycling parts for car production.The Japanese carmaker has revealed that
The recycled plastic comprises up to 89% of the textile produced
Various businesses across all industries have already begun their initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints, be it in production or operation. For carmakers, it goes beyond simply building eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles-there are a lot more alternatives that manufacturers
This will make you stop and think
It's a question that boggles the mind. With the number of cars being sold in the Philippines today (despite the industry slowdown because of the revised excise tax law), it's a staggering figure. Almost half a million vehicles were sold
Want to produce an Aston Martin replica?
You see that sick two-door coupe on display over there? That's going to set you back a couple of million bucks. You're not just paying for the car per se--you're also shelling out for distribution, taxes, marketing,
Up from 85% in 2006
Effective January 1, 2015, the European Union requires that 85% of every scrapped vehicle must be recycled or reused while an additional 10% can be used "for energy recovery from the combustion of non-recyclable residues" for a total of 95%.The
As sustainable material for manufacturing
From recycling used plastic bottles into carpets for the Escape, Ford Motor Company, in collaboration with H.J. Heinz, is now looking at using tomato fibers in "developing sustainable, composite materials for use in vehicle manufacturing.""We are exploring whether this food
Good job, Ford!
Ford is one carmaker that has embraced using recycled materials for its vehicles; the latest to receive the treatment is the next-generation Escape.With 25 20-ounce plastic bottles, the American carmaker, through one of its suppliers, uses the material as
Good job!
Mazda is now a pioneer when it comes to recycling bumpers as the Japanese carmaker recently inaugurated a new technology that turns the bumpers of its end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) into raw material for the production of new vehicle bumpers.According
Time to give back
Seaoil Philippines is taking the 'green' route this month with the launch of a bottle-recycling drive to promote environmental awareness.Until August 31, the fuel company will accept empty Seaoil lubricant bottles at its stations nationwide in exchange for cash. Here'
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