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The new season kicks off next month. Keep an eye out for these mini-battles
New wings here, new sponsors there—this is the class of 2019
Internet, say hello to the Formula 1 grid of 2019. Although if somebody told us that last year's cars had all just driven through a paint factory, we'd struggle to prove them wrong.The rule changes for 2019 have been
Now powered by Honda
First things first: Yes, this the RB15, Red Bull Racing's 2019 Formula 1 car, looking like a Spider-Man cosplayer. No, it's not gonna carry on looking like this for the entire season-the livery is a one-off for
The Red Bull ace pushed Esteban Ocon following their on-track clash
Lewis Hamilton won the Brazilian GP, which means his team-Mercedes AMG Petronas-takes the 2018 constructors' title. That's the team's fifth one in a row.Though of course, that's not the real story from Brazil. Because while Lewis
Thanks to some quick engine work
Helluva race. As we noted from the last Grand Prix in Bahrain, to see only the headline news sells the race very short, because an unpredictable series of events befell the drivers at Shanghai.So, Daniel Ricciardo won, followed home by Valtteri
And it's gorgeous
During the launch of the breathtaking Aston Martin DB11 V8, I was chatting with one of Aston Martin Manila's managers when my eyes fell on a beautiful blue Vantage on one side of the ballroom. "That looks like the Red Bull
Some of the contenders
Renault SportIt's Renault's third chassis since they returned to F1 as a factory team, and is, we're told, a "progression and refinement" of the car we saw last year. Renault has worked on the suspension and downforce, along with
There's special trim as well
With this year's F1 season a little over a month away, Aston Martin's released a special Red Bull Racing Edition of its aging Vantage "equipped with a range of distinguishing features for the most devoted Formula 1 enthusiast".Disappointingly, the "
This thing is insane!
There's more to the Dakar Rally than a bunch of cars smashing across the South American desert for two weeks straight. As well as cars, a flood of quads and bikes take part, alongside a community of absurd trucks. This pleases
Lewis Hamilton finally has his day
As what happens in Monaco when it rains, cars slide and team strategies are tested. The most prestigious race on the calendar certainly didn't disappoint this year. Here are the highlights.1. Red Bull's mistake gifted Lewis Hamilton the victory.
Max Verstappen FTW!
All the talk of this year's Formula 1 season becoming a bore came to a halt, as yesterday's race reminded everyone of how unpredictable a grand prix could be. Nico Rosberg's winning streak ended, and a surprise victor emerged.
Expected to feature F1 technology
You might want to sit down and pay attention to this one. Yesterday, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing announced that they would work together to build a "groundbreaking" new Aston hypercar.It's codenamed AM-RB 001--how very Bond--and
Watch 5 entertaining videos
Adrenaline junkies, you are going to love these videos. We've got highlights from the 2016 Dakar Rally and the 2015 Red Bull Global RallyCross, some sick parkour bike acrobatics, the most amazing stunt video you'll see this week, and a
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Ferrari (@Ferrari)"Our destiny is in our hands. As long as we know exactly what we want and are intent on obtaining it" #EnzoFerrari South Africa (@MINISouthAfrica)Make 2016 your best lap yet. #MINI #2016 #HappySunday pic.twitter.
Watch 5 entertaining videos
YouTube is a hotbed of anything car-related. The video-sharing site contains automotive content ranging from the comedic and the informative, to the grotesque and the frightening. In a lot of ways, being able to upload and share videos online has
Let's catch up on some F1 news
Long-time Formula 1 viewers know this by now: Yes, we have another early (or late, depending on how you look at it) call time this weekend. For the third race running this year. We've got circles under our eyes about
Drives Infiniti Q50 Hybrid around it
What is it with Red Bull drivers and getting to drive on new Formula 1 circuits first? Infiniti Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo recently became the first of F1's current grid to drive the newly redesigned Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico
From Canada, F1 heads back to Europe
This weekend, the Styrian mountains come alive with the (polarizing) sound of turbo V6 hybrid power units, as Formula 1 makes a stop in Austria for the eighth race of 2015. The Red Bull Ring, formerly called the ?-sterreichring, is a power
It's all about car upgrades this weekend
After three weeks off, Formula 1 resumes the 2015 season by kicking off the European leg in Spain this weekend. This is the 25th Spanish Grand Prix to be held at the Circuit de Catalunya, which also sees a lot of activity
Could Mercedes or Sebastian Vettel be involved?
The year 2014 has really turned out to be a bad one for Red Bull Racing. Not only have they lost this season's constructors' title to Mercedes AMG Petronas, they've now also lost over 60 trophies to thieves.According to
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