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This will be two-time champion Max Verstappen’s car next season
We were so caught up in the news that Ford will become a technical partner of Red Bull from 2026, we almost forgot that the team was launching its 2023 livery in New York.Anyway, here it is. And it looks like...
At the not-so-eventful Mexico Grand Prix
Max Verstappen turned a dominant, title-winning campaign into a record-breaking one by claiming the chequered flag at the Mexico City Grand Prix, his 14th win of 2022 and the most for any driver in a single season in F1 history.
Aston Martin, meanwhile, has been fined $450,000 for a ‘procedural breach’
Red Bull has been fined $7 million (just over P406.9 million) and hit with an aero development restriction for next season as a result of breaching the F1 cost cap in 2021.Initially, the team strenuously denied that its cost cap
Red Bull also secured the constructors’ title
Though he already secured his second world championship back at the Japanese Grand Prix, it seems Max Verstappen's 2022 campaign isn't over yet. The Dutchman took the top spot once again at the United States Grand Prix this past weekend,
Uh oh
After a lot of intense speculation, the FIA has finally confirmed that two teams-Aston Martin and Red Bull-broke the cost cap rules for the previous F1 season.Both outfits are said to have made a 'procedural breach' of the spending
He takes home the victory in Japan to secure his second title in two years
For a brief, fleeting moment, all of Formula One was united in one, harmonious voice, and it was the sound of simple arithmetic. Even race winner Max Verstappen-who romped home to victory nearly half a minute clear of second-placed Charles
However, Porsche is still interested in joining F1
Porsche has announced it no longer plans to team up with Red Bull for a joint F1 entry when the next generation of rules kick in in 2026.It had been hoped that the brand would follow sister firm Audi-which is
They’ve blown Leclerc’s Ferrari away
How times change, huh? Last season's championship battle kept us guessing until the very last lap; this year's... won't. And although there are still eight races (and a sprint) to go, only a Black Knight-level optimist would argue
Of course it's designed by Adrian Newey
Woah, Red Bull's Advanced Technologies division has announced that it will design, develop and build a brand-new hypercar that will deliver the "ultimate on-track driving experience". This sounds very special indeed.The new hypercar will be called the RB17 (
He was coached by a certain Mark Webber
Simple question: how much do you want to see Marc Marquez in a Formula 1 car, racing against the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and Daniel Ricciardo?Yeah, simple answer. VERY MUCH. The four-time MotoGP champion jumped into a Toro
Probably the mother of all parking fails
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Worst driver on the planet? We wouldn't go that far, considering there are plenty of klutzes here in the Philippines capable of giving
A car of mythological proportions
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Well there's a surprise. The internet was awash with rumors that Aston Martin and Red Bull's forthcoming hypercar, codenamed AM-RB 001,
Hail, hail, the gang’s all here
A day before the first pre-season Formula 1 test for 2017, all 10 cars have officially broken cover with the unveiling of the Red Bull RB13, the Toro Rosso STR12, and the Haas VF-17.Red Bull and Toro Rosso have
We feel poor just reading this
1) Yas Marina Grand Prix Circuit to yourself£21,500 (P1.34 million)/dayYas Marina is one of the more... spectacular venues to have hosted a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Designed by controversial circuit-styler Hermann Tilke, whose past credits include the
Designed by Adrian Newey
So now, at last, we can actually see (rather than imagine) what all the fuss is about. We've already known that Adrian Newey, don of Grand Prix car designers, is to execute his long-held dream of building a road car.
Watch 5 entertaining videos
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Red Hot Chili Peppers on Carpool Karaoke. Here is the craziest edition of James Corden's viral video series yet. Did we really expect
This thing is insane!
There's more to the Dakar Rally than a bunch of cars smashing across the South American desert for two weeks straight. As well as cars, a flood of quads and bikes take part, alongside a community of absurd trucks. This pleases
Watch 5 entertaining videos
In this batch of interesting YouTube videos, we feature a hilarious public-awareness TV ad released by the New Zealand government, a behind-the-scenes look at building the GT-R engine, Jennifer Lopez on Carpool Karaoke, a new GoPro Awards submission,
Expected to feature F1 technology
You might want to sit down and pay attention to this one. Yesterday, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing announced that they would work together to build a "groundbreaking" new Aston hypercar.It's codenamed AM-RB 001--how very Bond--and
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