Both next-gen models will be developed by Renault and will roll out by 2023
When the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance announced its big new game plan earlier this year, we also got confirmation that Mitsubishi will start working on the next-generation ASX.Details about it were still scarce then, though. We only knew that the
The Alliance also eyes rolling out 35 new EV models by 2030
A recent report stated how the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is planning to build more than 30 electric vehicles by 2030. Well, the official plans are out, and it's clear that the Alliance plans to do more than just meet that
Do you agree?
The Festival Automobile International is back with its annual Most Beautiful Car awards. Through this program, the organization recognizes the "most beautiful and cutting-edge automotive projects" from the past year.Bagging the trophy for the Most Beautiful Car in 2022 is
The carmakers’ $26.3-B investment will also help develop solid-state batteries
Big changes are on the horizon for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance this decade. As carmakers move towards electrification over the next few years, the Alliance has now revealed its plans to do the same.According to a report by Nikkei Asia,
With four propellers, of course. Hence the name AIR4
Weren't expecting this, were we? Renault's year-long celebration of the mighty 4's 60th birthday has culminated in this. It is, and there's no other way to describe it, a flying Renault 4."The vehicle, entirely made of
It’s currently up for auction
So, here's an odd one: Do you have an overwhelming desire to own a secondhand Renault Twizy? Okay, how about one that uses genuine racing parts from open-wheelers? One that, if you were being kind, you could say takes its
How long can this last?
Well, this isn't a good look at all. According to a report by Bloomberg, car manufacturers are now being forced to leave out advanced tech features from their offerings because of the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage.The report says Nissan
Does it really have the measure of these illustrious racing machines?
Homologation. Stupid word. Responsible for some of the most exciting cars ever to have turned a wheel, and yet 'homologation.' You can't abbreviate it (go on, try), you can't make it sound sexy or cool (again, have a go-maybe
“The idea of putting F1 at the core gives Alpine credibility as a company”
Renault's CEO Luca de Meo has the mother and father of turnaround plans to implement. He's recently set the ailing French giant on a streamlined new course, teasing us with an all-new, pure-electric Renault 5 and-unexpectedly-positioning
This concept’s production version will be launched in three years’ time
One glance at this crisp little concept puts one number in your mind. Five. Yup, it's a new Renault 5. No surprise that it's being revived as an electric car. And there will be a hot-hatch Alpine version.It'
Not surprisingly, there are no German cars
How could you say, "No, we're not putting the roof down, my ears are chilly" to that grinning, bug-eye face? All the elements that make a car cute are present here-round headlights, a cheery grille, a weeny footprint, and
Watch this if you haven’t
Here's something you don't see every day: a helicopter racing a Formula 1 car on a track. The chopper in question is Airbus Helictopers' ACH160. The helicopter is one of the company's most recent creations and is considered the
One of rally’s legendary marques enters open-wheel circuit racing
Hands up, who was expecting this? Renault's Formula 1 team will take the name of Alpine from the 2021 season, putting one of rallying's most legendary marques at the top table of circuit racing for the first time.It's
Good times
It was coming up on the Espace MPV's 10th birthday, and obviously, Renault wanted to celebrate this auspicious occasion (before the MPV was invented, large families would have to travel in two or even three separate cars and communicate with walkie-
He will resume his post starting in September
The former boss of Renault has been announced as the new boss of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). Thierry Bolloré, pictured above, will succeed Sir Ralf Speth as the head of JLR.Previously CEO of Groupe Renault, and before that at automotive supplier
“The team wants and has the means to get back on the podium, as do I.”
We're only one race into the current Formula 1 season, but a lot of us are looking forward to next year already. In case you've been living under a rock and you don't quite understand why just yet, well,
A new business model is set to shake up the three carmakers’ global operations
The years following this one will be pretty busy for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, as it plans to implement a new business model that will almost completely change how the three carmakers produce vehicles.The new business model is built on
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