It’s got elements from the Tacoma, too
We've been bombarded with Gazoo Racing- and Modellista-kitted Toyotas over the past few months. Frankly, it's getting a bit tiring, but yet here we are again sharing renders of another reimagined Toyota. Don't worry, though, it's got
Modernizing the Japanese pony car
We're back with something sporty. The icon we're resurrecting this time is the Toyota Celica-to be specific, the rear-wheel-drive first-gen model from the '70s.This was Toyota's version of the American pony car. Its styling
Based on the German brand’s MEB platform
We've selected the '70s Volkswagen Brasilia as our next old-school car to revive. It's the more modern-looking Brazilian cousin of the classic Beetle. While not as popular as the Bug, the boxy hatch has its charms.At present,
We’ll never get tired of renders
Nissan hasn't revealed everything it has on the all-new Z car. Yes, we've seen what the legitimate production version looks like, and we've already been told that it's powered by a monstrous new twin-turbo V6 with
These unofficial renders look properly Type R
We already know that the Honda Integra is making a comeback. Quite what form it'll take, we don't yet know. How we dearly hope it'll look like the car in these pictures.These rendered illustrations aren't official, but
Our version is a 227hp, 515Nm hot MPV
While we were in the middle of deciding which new vehicle to render, we came across an edited photo of an Innova with a GR Yaris front grafted on. We thought it was an interesting idea, so we decided to make our
We dig it
The McLaren F1 comes from a simpler time-when electrification was still in the back of most people's minds, touchscreens were reserved for science fiction films, and supercar manufacturers weren't as trigger happy with special releases.If that last bit
SRK Designs’ rendering makes it seem like so
Hyundai's N Division really hit the mark with the new Elantra N, in terms of both design and performance. But as with most new vehicles launched these days, it's yet just another subject for artists around the web to play
Updating the ’80s rear-wheel-drive icon for today’s car enthusiasts
One of the most popular Toyotas of the '80s was the E70 Corolla. It ditched its predecessor's curves and embraced the boxy look that many of us associate with '80s-era cars. The sporty 1.6-liter 1600GT variant that was
We won’t mind
When it comes to dormant nameplates that deserve to make a comeback, we're willing to bet the Honda S2000 is way up high on a lot of peoples' lists. It was easily one of the sleekest-looking rides of its era,
Modernizing a ’70s rally icon
One of the Japanese car icons of the '70s is the first-generation A70 Mitsubishi Lancer, and one of the most popular versions in the Philippines was the mid-'70s L-Type, nicknamed after its L-shaped taillights.The variant enthusiasts dreamed
In case you prefer off-road runs to track days
Given the choice, would you go for a track-capable sports car or an off-road-capable SUV? Are you sacrificing versatility in favor of impressing folks around corners or vice versa? Decisions, decisions.Digital artist Rain Prisk's answer? "Why not
An example of how to make the most of the tools you’re given
We often feature various artwork from all over the web here in this space. And if you're here regularly, you might have even seen one of our most recent articles, the one featuring that modern Honda Civic EG Hatchback from our
We update a ’90s icon for the 2020s
One of the Japanese car icons of the '90s was the fifth-gen Honda Civic EG, the hatchback variant that stood out thanks to its sleek bullet-like shape and unique clamshell hatch design. Back in the '90s and 2000s, you'd
Doc Brown would be proud
Electric cars? They're pretty commonplace now in the movie industry-nowhere near as commonplace as their internal combustion counterparts, but they're definitely there. One fine example is the Audi E-Tron that makes a cameo in Avengers: Endgame.We haven'
The super-SUV concept actually looks pretty sick
Ferrari has yet to take a piece of the ludicrous super-SUV pie. While there have been talks going around about the Purosangue, the Italian carmaker's supposed upcoming SUV, we have yet to see anything official come out from Maranello.If
If Kia were to rebadge the truck, do you think it would look like this?
The last time artist Kleber Silva (KDesign AG) did his work on the Hyundai Santa Cruz, he simply gave the compact pickup a new Hyundai N badge-complete with the sportier N accents. Now, he has reimagined the Santa Cruz yet again,
An artist has reimagined Ford’s new electric pickup as a full-on SUV
Ford has already released what is arguably its biggest EV launch of this year-the F-150 Lightning.Of course, artists have already had their go at the new electric pickup. We recently shared YouTuber TheSketchMonkey's F-150 Lightning single-cab
Inspired by the first-generation model
This latest car we've chosen to revive is the Toyota MR2, aka the 'Midship Runabout 2-seater.' It was the first mass-produced mid-engined Japanese sports car, and we decided to use the first-generation model as our inspiration. As
Bring it back
It's been a while since we've heard anything regarding the Mitsubishi Lancer, let alone one coming out in Evolution guise. But now that the Japanese carmaker has made known its intent to revive the Ralliart brand, perhaps not all hope
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