Even by classic supercar standards, that's very high
Most '90s supercars are worth more now than they were when they were new. Substantially more, in some cases. But none has skyrocketed in value quite like the McLaren F1.Back in 1992, a brand-new McLaren F1 cost £540,000. According
"Sorry sold na"
Regret is a common feeling that no one enjoys. There's that type of regret you feel after devouring three cups of rice. Or that sinking feeling you experience when the cashier hands over your credit card with the item you were
Can you guess the top ones?
US-based automotive research and vehicle valuation company Kelley Blue Book has named Subaru and Lexus as the best brand and best luxury car brand, respectively, for its 2015 Best Resale Value awards. The awards were given in recognition of their vehicles "
Revealed by company boss Luca di Montezemolo
MARANELLO--Italian supercar maker Ferrari intends to produce fewer cars beginning this year so as not to cheapen the value of its units, revealed company chairman Luca di Montezemolo to global journalists yesterday at \"Formula Ferrari,\" a conference held at Ferrari headquarters
Including top 10 cars with best resale value in the US
Kelley Blue Book, the leading authority in the United States (and the world) when it comes to resale values of cars sold on the market, has just announced the winners of its 2013 Best Resale Value Awards. The awards are handed out
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