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Drop by if you’re looking for an open-air hangout during the holidays
If you’re willing to eat inside your car
On October 8, 2021, Malacañang announced that children below 18 years old are now allowed to travel outside Metro Manila to areas under GCQ and MGCQ. However, this is limited to point-to-point travel, depending on the guidelines and health
This looks like a lot more fun than having to eat food out of a paper box
The days of hassle-free dine-ins at restaurants feel like forever ago, and it doesn't look like they'll be back anytime soon. That said, there are still some ways to enjoy that restaurant experience we miss dearly.We're
Enjoy your meal without leaving the car
With the new normal comes the need for alternative ways to dine, and one approach taken by restaurants is to offer drive-in dining. These places allow you to park your car at designated spots, then order and dine in from right
Here, you can also check out a ‘hachi-roku’-inspired Toyota 86
As automotive journalists,we make it a habit to look for good road trip destinations outside the metro where we can settle down and chill. And we prefer the local holes-in-the-wall joints compared to the usual corporate chains. The
Happy 30th anniversary, Filling Station!
There's this scene in the film Cars that has always stayed with me since the movie first came out in 2006. It's when Lightning McQueen finally finishes repairing the main road of Radiator Springs, and the residents fix their neon
It has to be worth the trip
The continuous expansion of the country's expressway system has paved the way for breakfast rides and the discovery of many beautiful places that riders look forward to during weekends.Among the things we look for when we embark on these two-
You seriously need to drop by
This lean man you see here is our columnist Andy Leuterio, who also happens to be a triathlete and fitness coach. He stands triumphantly inside Maximus Athlete's Shop Cafe, a new business endeavor he owns with wife Sheryll. Located inside the
Road trips are more fun with food
It's no secret that the Top Gear Philippines team loves to eat. We don't blame motorization and car ownership for our round bellies and increasing body-fat percentage, as some studies revealed. Long drives and food trips just go well
For first 100 cars per store
It's the last day of the McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker promo tomorrow. So if you still haven't gotten one, this is your last chance to do so. And to make it easier for you, we want to share
For first 100 cars per store
What a day, right? Friday...payday...mall-sale events...long weekend...riotous anarchy religious vigils.May we console you with the idea that early tomorrow morning, you can forget all that bullcrap by having your windshield adorned with a McDonald's Drive-
For first 100 cars per store
We hope by now you already have your McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker if you happen to be a loyal patron of the American fast-food chain. If not, it's all good as you still have until August 30 to
For first 100 cars per store
Got your McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker yet? If you haven't, you still have until August 30 to do so. And because you visit our website, we'd like to give you advance information about the daily "lucky hour," which
For first 100 cars per store
We're sure by now you already know about the McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker promo, which will run until August 30. You also probably know that the fast-food chain has given us advance information on the daily "lucky hour"--
For first 100 cars per store
This morning, McDonald's kicked off its Drive-Thru VIP Sticker promo, which will run until August 30. As you know, the fast-food chain has given us advance information on the daily "lucky hour"--or the time the stickers will be
For first 100 cars per store
We told you the other day that McDonald's is once again giving away its popular Drive-Thru VIP Sticker from August 24 to 30. That means the promo starts tomorrow, the first day of the workweek. We also told you that
How do we know that?
Put cars in anything and you have our attention. Car-shaped cake? We want a slice, please. Car-inspired alcoholic beverage? Pass us a shot. Car-themed shirt? We'll have one in our size, thank you very much.So if a
We found a place that serves them
Car nuts will always find a way to express their passion for automobiles. One way, we just discovered this weekend, is putting up a restaurant that supposedly caters to their fellow car lovers. We're talking about the World Grand Prix Sports
Now these are our kind of dining destinations
Since the July 2011 issue of Top Gear Philippines is about real car nuts, or as the Chief describes them, "hardcore car lovers who take their automotive passion a few notches higher than that of regular motorists," the food lovers that make
Go on a palatable road trip during the long weekend!<br />
Travel the world without your passport! Simply fasten your seatbelt and drive around the metropolis to get a sampling of culinary treats from around the globe.Here are some recommendations from Cafe JuanitaIf you're in the Philippines,
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