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It’s a restored and electrified Jaguar XK140 from British restomod firm Lunaz
Does it speak to the hipster in you?
Inexplicable special-edition-of-the-week alert: David Brown Automotive has teamed up with fellow Brit company Marshall Amplification to produce this: the inventively named Mini Remastered Marshall Edition.Just 60 examples of this 83hp A-series-engined restomod will be built,
Which is both good and bad...
Cough, this is actually an electric restomod Land Rover Series IIA from Everrati. The mucky noisy old engine has been carefully torn out and replaced with a nice 150hp/299Nm electric motor and a 60kWh battery for a real world (as if
It rides on a brand-new chassis and hides an LS3 under the hood
At Top Gear, we're very large fans of the literal.Maybe it's all those days spent reading breathless press releases about how the styling of the new car's air vents is 'considerably more dynamic' than the model it replaces.
This is a proper tribute
With a select few things in life, you really only need to say what it is to deliver the full impact. Anything after that is really over-egging the pudding. For example, just try to describe why an Eames Lounge Chair, the
The carmaker dove into an interesting part of its heritage for this one
Retro EV reinventions seem to be the order of the day. But it's easy for Renault to pop the 5 back into life when the original was so iconic. Hyundai electrifying some old shapes, on the other hand, is a more
Its super-smooth exterior is the work of an ex-Bugatti designer
This is a new, one-of-five restomod from Land Rover Defender fanatics Arkonik, and although it focuses on simplicity and takes perhaps the most severe less-is-more approach possible, it'll set you back $240,000 (P12.1 million). Yikes.
The cabin is an ’80s time capsule...but with Apple CarPlay
Restomodding has gone absolutely wild in the past couple of years. It's now a well-known fact that if you leave an old Porsche 911 unattended for more than a couple of hours, you'll come back to find an extra
Love the blue hue
If you've been around these parts for a while, you'll notice how whenever we describe a proper off-roader-Land Rover Series, G-Wagen, and company-we're never far away from invoking the word 'utilitarian.'And it's pretty
Want an electric Porsche that’s not a Taycan? Step this way
It's an electric 911, is what it is. Porsche itself decided not to battery-ify the current 911 in favor of creating the Taycan, and while the wisdom of that decision is self-evident, it's left the door open for
Along with all that power comes lots of added tech, too
It's a Shelby GT500 from 1967, fully modernized and transformed into the Shelby GT500CR 900S. The CR stands for Classic Recreations-the company behind the car-and the 900S stands for the minimum amount of horsepower you can expect after buying
Electric-powered classics don’t get any groovier than this
There are many, many companies around the world that'll restore your arthritic Volkswagen bus and convert it from gasoline to electric power. Germany's eClassics is one such outfit.But here's the thing-eClassics actually has the support of the
This machine took 700 hours to complete
It's a perfect BMW sandwich. There's a 2800 CS on the outside and an S54 straight-six from the E46 M3 on the inside. One of the all-time great engines by any manufacturer, sitting in one of the best
Something two-wheeled this time around
This is what's commonly known as a motorbike, formally known as the Myth 001, and informally known as the kind of bike we daydream about owning while we're supposed to be making useful contributions to conversations. Or society, or whatever.
Forget restomods—this is full-on genetic engineering
According to Nathaniel and Callum Seviour, director brothers of Retropower in Leicestershire, 'bespoke' is too small a word to explain what they do."When a client has that first consultation, we ask so many questions," says Cal, his older brother nodding along
Remember this?
How cool is this? It's a first-generation Hyundai Pony that's been thoroughly modernized by Hyundai's own designers. Not just a model, but (we're led to believe) an actual first-gen Pony painstakingly disassembled, re-engineered, and then
One of the most beautiful cars ever created has been made better
Perfection, probably. German outfitter Mechatronik has been dabbling with old Mercedes-Benzes for over two decades now, and it was with this wonderful creation-dubbed the 'M-SL'-that it made its mark.Indeed, it says as much. "It was impossible to
No point in meddling with perfection
This, as we're sure you're aware, is an E-Type Jaguar. And it is a very clean and tidy-looking Jaguar, you'll admit, but not perhaps the most noticeably restomodded E-Type you've ever seen. Especially if you'
Eagle, Alfaholics, Singer, GTO, Bond’s DB5—they all contain lessons modern supercars can learn from
I have a recurring dream in which the chief engineer of the latest pointless 800hp supercar is standing there, telling me how great his new creation is. "Zero to 240kph in seven seconds, 370k top speed, Inconel headrests, blah blah." My face
Various engine choices are available, with the top spec good for 750hp
A restomod semi-production series of a famous custom movie car from an even more famous remake. Yeah, it all gets a bit meta fairly quickly on this one. But basically, it's 'Eleanor' from Gone in 60 Seconds-a 1967 Ford
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