It's better than new
This isn't just any old McLaren F1, but one fresh from an 18-month restoration undertaken by the good people over at McLaren's Special Operations division. Welcome then, to number #63.The first step was to completely strip the body
Meet the UK team who does restomods right
Old sports cars are cool. Compared with most modern fast things they seem impossibly tiny, slim-pillared, and delicate. They say volumes more about your character than any casually bought modern lump, have an air of romance and style that cares little
This is a tough call
You either love them or you hate them. Back in February this year, we asked whether the slammed Ferraris of Madlane Ltd in Japan were sacrilege, and it's fair to say there were some strong opinions on the subject. Undeterred, Italian
This looks like a blast
Trophy trucks are pure voodoo. The way these two-ton, top-tier off-roaders can float across the whoops, ruts and jumps of the desert at full pelt--with the same comfort of a waterbed sliding down a staircase--boggles the mind.
They can smell fake and fabricated parts a mile away
Ever wonder how vintage-bike competitions are judged by professionals? Popular TV host and motorcycle enthusiast Jay Taruc of Ride.PH has invited three foreigners who are well-known gurus within the vintage motorcycle community. Coming from Australia and Malaysia, these three
A dream made real
We often ask you to take a second look at the car we're talking about, but indulge us this time, if you will. This is the brainchild of Eugenio Amos, a 33-year-old race driver and car fanatic from Varese.
Not everyone is a fan of the wild CSL
The 3.0 CSL is one of the most iconic models ever produced by BMW. More than 40 years have passed since this ultra-rare homologation special competed in European touring-car races, and it remains on the wish list of almost
A rare find
The VW Brasilia was known as a lemon back then. What's a lemon? You know, one of those cars that roll out the factory pre-packaged with faults. Not a lot of Brasilias survive today. So seeing one in this condition
Bring a beloved tiller back to life
We are all about restoration and recycling because we'd hate to see a perfectly good car part go to waste-especially one that we spent a good amount of money on. There's hope for steering wheels that have been used
It's a fascinating industry
There will come a time when you have no choice but to source surplus parts for your car. That elusive piece you need may not be available new at the auto supply, or it might be beyond your budget. And if you
Go ahead and roam
As an ex-rally driver and navigator, Egai Ortiz Luis is no stranger to cars. The owner of Shelby Auto Station, a restoration shop in Meycauayan, Bulacan, he is an experienced custodian of skillfully revived vehicles. This is his latest pride and
Old on the outside, modern on the inside
I have a friend named Mark. He's a very successful professional, and he loves classic Ford Mustangs. Then again, those ponies have always been very popular. Since they first came out in the market, many have been ardent fans of the
In restoration, patience is key
The Volkswagen Type 3 was designed to be the logical upgrade for families who had outgrown the Beetle, and was offered in three configurations: Notchback, Squareback (Variant), and Fastback. Save for the obvious body panels, all three shared practically the same mechanical
A return to its former glory
Meet Toyota Sports 800 number 10007. According to the official Toyota UK blog, that chassis number indicates this unit "one of the first off the production line in 1965," meaning this is quite possibly the Japanese carmaker's oldest surviving race car.
A restoration masterpiece
We're a sucker for a campervan, and Mercedes-Benz launching a rival to the Volkswagen California-the properly posh V-Class Marco Polo-made us very happy indeed. But perhaps this is even cooler. It's an old Mercedes commercial vehicle
‘These are vintage scooters money can’t buy’
Lambretta was founded in Milan, Italy, in 1947, and grew from there. Two decades later, when the Philippine economy was at an upswing, there was even a Lambretta distributorship in Nagtahan, Manila. Sadly, no scooter mechanic from here was sent to Italy
When cars and drivers are meant to be
Gerald Hidalgo has been in the car restoration and repair business for 18 years, but his love for cars go much, much further back. It all started 30 years ago, when his uncle Odie Vergara gave him a drive in a Datsun
But perhaps the price is part of the appeal
Hang on, this isn't a new car. It is, sort of. It's called the Mini Remastered and it's the work of Silverstone-based start up, David Brown Automotive. The idea is to take an original Mini, pull it to
A blast from the past
Forget the SVAutobiography Dynamic. Maybe. If you've got £135,000 (P8.5 million) to spend on a Range Rover, this is the one you really have to buy.It's a factory-restored 1978 Range Rover Classic, and it's the
Old but gold
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Car restoration in the middle of the woods. We've all run into decrepit, rust-covered rides we wish we could take home. This
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