A dream made real
We often ask you to take a second look at the car we're talking about, but indulge us this time, if you will. This is the brainchild of Eugenio Amos, a 33-year-old race driver and car fanatic from Varese.
A return to its former glory
Meet Toyota Sports 800 number 10007. According to the official Toyota UK blog, that chassis number indicates this unit "one of the first off the production line in 1965," meaning this is quite possibly the Japanese carmaker's oldest surviving race car.
You might remember the concept shown 8 years ago
News to warm the hearts and water the mouths of petrolheads the world over: the New Stratos is back.Italian coachbuilding firm Manifattura Automobili Torino has announced it will build a 25-strong limited series of the Lancia Stratos-inspired supercar. And
And the cabin looks awesome
Yep, the oddball Tokyo show concepts are coming thick and fast. The latest is this, the Daihatsu DN Compagno. It's a fun little saloon car that's unashamedly retro, and the clear pick of a bunch of DN concepts that'll
A retro-modern British roadster
It has been over a decade since Bristol introduced its last all-new car, and five years since the old company went into administration. Now under Kamkorp Group, the newly formed Bristol Automotive Group is back on its feet. And what better
Meet the Effeffe Berlinetta
Many of us salivate at the thought of one day owning an old, classic sports car. Unfortunately, if we do somehow manage to buy the car of our dreams, we still have to deal with the maintenance problems that come with owning
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