No stress allowed
Waking up at 4am on a Saturday sucks. There must be a good reason for me to rise that early, or else only a giant crane can get me out of bed. There are only three things that I look forward to
Street food, scorching heat fire up bromance
Bow tie or neck tie?Choosing between these two clothing accessories took more time from rider-participants of the 2017 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (DGR) Philippine edition than prepping up their ride for this grand annual parade of two wheelers. The DGR
Meet the Effeffe Berlinetta
Many of us salivate at the thought of one day owning an old, classic sports car. Unfortunately, if we do somehow manage to buy the car of our dreams, we still have to deal with the maintenance problems that come with owning
From the guys of Motor Union of Manila
I'm a huge fan of automotive-themed clothing, but throw in a retro vibe and I just have to have it. These things are hard to come by, you know. So, when Top Gear Philippines photographer Ian Magbanua told me about
More performance details have emerged
Last year, we featured a car that blended the look and feel of a '60s retro gran turismo, with the reliability and power of modern mechanicals. That car was known as the Speedback GT. Back then, it was just about to be
A list of infamy for April Fool's Day
The automobile as we know it today is a marvel of modern engineering. It is a machine refined and improved through decades of research. But along the way, there have been mistakes--what-the-hell moments where carmakers learned the hard way
A restoration job tastefully done
How does a car owner truly make a ride his own? There are two ways to go about this. The first is to load your car with off-the-shelf parts for performance and aesthetics. The second is to really dive in
With modern refinements, of course
The term "retroing" is popular in the world of sneakers, where Adidas and Nike revive popular models for wide release. But, thankfully, it seems carmakers also do rereleases. Toyota just announced that it will once again sell the 70 Series-generation of
Combining classic 1960s styling with modern mechanicals
Don't you wish they still designed cars with elegant lines like a 1960s Aston Martin? Particularly the DB5 made famous by 007, but without the mechanical headaches you'd get with a five-decade-old car? David Brown (no relation to
Featuring touring and old-school cars
If you\'re more into circuit racing than drifting, you might be interested to head down south this weekend to the Batangas Racing Circuit as Tuason Racing School holds \"Raceday\" at the venue this weekend, September 28 and 29.One of the
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