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And you can only get it with a manual
One look at the current-generation Suzuki Jimny and you can't deny that it has retro design cues just about everywhere. From its boxy and upright exterior to the squared-off analog instrument cluster, the modern day Jimny brings you back
Say hello to the new Mitsuoka Viewt
If you've heard the name Mitsuoka before, then you might be familiar with the brand's wacky conversions. If not, here's a brief history lesson.Mitsuoka has been around for over 50 years, and it's best known for turning
More reasons to want this scooter back in Honda’s local lineup
Need any more reasons the Scoopy should be back in Honda's local roster? What about this: a new set of stylish colors that's now been rolled out for 2023. We swear we were just talking about this popular scooter a
Yes, Peugeot has a scooter. And yes, it’s pretty good
This comes with dual-channel ABS and supposedly does 43km/L
Well, what do we have here? Yet another retro scooter has landed in our market: the new Bristol Vantaggio. This is the motorcycle marque's latest addition to its lineup following the recent launch of the Assassin R400.The Vantaggio has that
But it's totally fine
This is a thoroughly American Benz. And we love that. It's not an American Benz because it's a G-Wagen parked on Rodeo Drive. It's not because we've done the American thing and called it a Benz, either.
Most you can have on three wheels
The return of the world's most eccentric sports car. Morgan has been making three-wheelers for over a century, and this is the most developed, modern and sophisticated yet.It's one wheel drive. You don't see that very often.
It was inevitable...but still awesome
Yes, we are still salty about the fact Ford won't bring the brilliant Bronco outside North America. And no, these fantastically retro Heritage Editions are not helping with that one bit.These Heritage Editions pay tribute to the original, first-generation
If staying connected during rides is important to you
Just because something's retro doesn't mean it can't come with a few modern conveniences here and there. Just take a look at the new Vespa Sprint S with a TFT dash-you get the unmistakable old-school vibe of
Anyone remember this look?
Does anyone here remember the Casio F-100? It was one of the coolest-looking digital watches back in the day. Not familiar with it? Well, here's a little refresher for you younger readers: It's the digital timepiece Ellen Ripley
Forget restomods—this is full-on genetic engineering
According to Nathaniel and Callum Seviour, director brothers of Retropower in Leicestershire, 'bespoke' is too small a word to explain what they do."When a client has that first consultation, we ask so many questions," says Cal, his older brother nodding along
Its maker plans to start deliveries in 2023
Curious-looking thing, the Alpha Ace Coupe. It looks as though it was designed for a Pixar movie, or perhaps the next Grand Theft Auto game. But no, it's an actual car that you can actually buy. Well, these appear to
This is Bavaria-based Crooked Motorcycles’ masterpiece, the ‘Nightcrawler’
Ladies and gents, this two-wheeler you're looking at is called the 'Nightcrawler.' And as far as gas tanks on motorbikes go, this has got to be one of the sharpest-looking tanks we've ever seen.This is a customized
Oh the lovely cars
Long before Grand Theft Auto popularized the video-game crime spree, Chase HQ had you playing on the right side of the law as an undercover cop called Tony Gibson. Joining Gibson was his trusty partner Raymond Brady and, more important, his
An oldie but most definitely a goodie
No real-time tire degradation or dynamic weather systems here-just you, a generic red convertible (that, if some Italian lawyers come knocking, definitely isn't a chop-top Ferrari Testarossa) with a charming 16-bit blonde in the passenger seat, and
A combination of retro looks and a modern drivetrain
The Porsche 911 Targa is already a fairly retro-looking thing. But not retro enough for some, it seems. Which explains why 992 people are being given a chance to make their brand-new Targa look several decades older, while spending £27,
Some subtle touches that add a bit more pizzazz to the tiny 4x4
One of the best traits of the Suzuki Jimny is its compatibility with aftermarket goodies. There's a wide range of modifications that can be made to this quirky little 4x4, and we were lucky enough to see a few examples firsthand
Those were the days
More than anything else, the original Dodge Viper RT/10 is a poster car. No, really-for one particular staffer in TG Towers, the Viper was the very first poster he ever put up on his wall.And why wouldn't it
Naturally, it's an EV
Don't worry, it's still 2019. Despite its '40s cutesy retro styling, this new-yes, brand-new-Morris JE is a thoroughly modern thing. Because it's fully-electric.Dig even deeper and you'll find yet more modern tech. That
We can totally get behind this
This is the Vision Mercedes Simplex concept, and it will never be put into production. Nope. Not a chance. Won't see the light of day. Ever.Still, looks fantastic, doesn't it? It's clearly just a design exercise to blend
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