Will this be the new normal?
For the past couple of months, the dismal traffic along South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)-specifically on the northbound side-has been the subject of discussion of residents south of the metro.Here's a reprieve: San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has delivered on
Is this a data privacy risk?
In case you're wondering if the Land Transportation Office's (LTO) new RFID license plates opens the doors for a potential breach in privacy, the agency says the answer is 'no.'According to the LTO, the QR codes on the new
Existing accounts for Easytrip, Autosweep can also be interconnected on the spot
Lately, we've heard tollway authorities apologizing for and justifying the monstrous traffic congestion caused by the never-ending construction work on their facilities. It's a bitter pill we have to swallow.But there are some efforts being undertaken by these
Do you remember these?
Current windshield stickers are used by both public and private entities to indicate that vehicles they are operating are legally allowed to use either public (national) or private (subdivision) roads. Since the 1960s, government institutions, private schools, corporations, and clubs have also
Say goodbye to your clutter-free windshield
So, you've finally gotten hold of your brand-new license plates. Soak it in and celebrate, but keep in mind you aren't out in the clear just yet: You still need to install that horrendous-looking-er, we mean fancy-
“Let’s embrace change for the better”
It ain't over 'til it's over.Operators of the elevated Skyway system clarified that the review on the implementation of the 'RFID-only' scheme continues, and it will only be implemented after it has been approved by the Toll Regulatory
Too much heat can affect a rider's judgement
The Philippines is a tropical country, and nowhere is that more obvious than when one is riding a motorcycle on a daily basis.Unlike driving a car, where the cabin temperature can be controlled almost to a fault, riding a bike means
Just present your receipt at the LTO
If your horoscope says you will receive P350 sometime this month, don't thank the stars. Just try to recall if you had your car registered early this year as the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is set to return P31-million worth
Whose side are you on?<br />
The Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) has asked the Supreme Court to permanently stop the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) from implementing the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) project. The AAP said the RFID program should be declared as invalid and
Here's why you shouldn't be charged that additional P350 just yet<br />
Protests meet government's new program for land transport<br />
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) pushed through with the controversial radio frequency identification program despite protests from various groups regarding its legality. The P350 RFID sticker is placed on the windshield of vehicles upon registration or renewal of registration. It is valid
Get the low-down on this new gizmo here.
Security concerns over the planned issuance of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) have prompted the government to say further study may have to be conducted prior to the full implementation of the system which is set
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