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The company hopes to improve safety through in-car audio and video recordings
Excited for this motorcycle taxi to make a comeback?
In case you missed it, Grab has already expressed its intent to revive its own motorcycle taxi service, GrabBike, which was discontinued in 2016 to comply with government regulations.No word yet on exactly when the ride-hailing service will be making
“The ride-hailing sector is at a volatile state at the moment”
Grab has a message for all the country's motorcycle-taxi players amid the government's controversial pilot run: Play nice.In a statement released yesterday, the country's largest ride-hailing company urged a prospective motorcycle-taxi company to refrain from
Another new player?
It looks like another player plans to enter our country's circus of a motorcycle taxi industry-and this time, it's a familiar one.Grab has officially expressed its intent to revive its own motorcycle taxi service GrabBike which, if you'
‘The TWG will not be deterred by threats’
A few days ago, commuter welfare group Lawyers for Commuters Safety and Protection (LCSP) questioned the Department of Transportation (DOTr) technical working group's (TWG) authority over the ongoing motorcycle-taxi pilot run. Now, the agency has responded.In a strongly worded
But will this last?
JoyRide really wants you to start using its services instead of Angkas-and it looks like part of the company's game plan is to offer commuters better rates compared with its longer-running competitor.According to a report by GMA News
Yes, please
Have you become wary of opening your Grab app due to the ride-hailing service's exorbitant fares of late? Well, its management has some very good news for you.According to a report by GMA News Online, Grab Philippines president Brian
How much did you get?
What better way to end the year than by getting back some money, right? As promised, Grab Philippines today began issuing refunds as mandated by the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC). This was after the government agency ordered the ride-sharing company to
What’s your take on all this?
In spite of all the turmoil surrounding the whole Angkas issue, the good thing is that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has allowed motorcycle taxis-JoyRide and MoveIt included-to operate for the duration of the pilot run which
Where will P1 get you these days?
We now take a quick break from the developing Angkas saga and shift our focus back onto another crowd-favorite ride-hailing app in Grab.A couple of weeks ago, the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) ordered Grab Philippines to refund P14.15
Suspicions of bots and paid trolls swarming cyberspace have surfaced
The Angkas saga continues, and things are starting to heat up even further-at least in cyberspace, that is. Following the #SaveAngkas movement, netizens have now begun calling for #BoycottJoyRide on social media.The reason behind all this? Well, it seems that
That’s way short
It looks like the number of motorcycle-taxi units registering with ride-hailing companies might take a while to ramp up.According to a statement released by the Department of Transportation (DOTr), only 5,056 units are registered with Angkas, JoyRide, and
This is getting ugly
Things between Angkas and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) are getting ugly. Really ugly.In an open letter to the company and its public-affairs head George Royeca, the agency says Angkas is resorting to "emotional blackmail" and "underhanded
Are you on the #saveangkas bandwagon?
The #SaveAngkas movement looks like it's now in full swing.It didn't take long for the ride-hailing public to come to the defense of Angkas. Just days following the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board's (LTFRB) move to limit
People are not happy
Well, the good news is that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has extended the Angkas pilot run until March 23, 2020, giving both partner-riders and passengers several months of extra reprieve from our country's car-infested roadways.
What was your last taxi experience like?
One would think that with the easy accessibility of ride-hailing services and stricter enforcement by government transportation agencies regular taxis would've gotten their act together. Unfortunately, if this social experiment by Bisayang Hilaw is to be believed, this isn't
No later than February 10, 2020
Bad news for Grab Philippines: The Philippine Competition Commission has imposed on the ride-hailing company another P16.15-million fine-P14.15 million of which will be refunded to customers.Earlier this year, the PCC imposed a P23.45-million fine
Reports say the company has yet to make money three years after its inception
There has been a whirlwind of controversies surrounding the popular motorcycle ride-hailing platform Angkas. Since its inception, its operations have been on and off due to complications with the government and the existing policies laid out by the Department of Transportation (
The ride-hailing app is entering the market...again
You know how they say when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is? Well, Arcade City is making quite a few lofty promises ahead of an attempted re-entry into the Philippine market-the second time the app is
Some will get below a peso, some over P100
Grab recently made headlines when the Philippine Competition Commission's (PCC) ordered the company to refund about P5 million to its customers due to alleged overcharging. Now, the ride-hailing service provider has released a statement regarding these recent events."Grab will
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