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Round 2 is this weekend
It goes without saying that racing should take place on the track and not public roads. That said, booking a proper setting is easier said than done, so opportunities like the Angkas Dream Cup should be taken full advantage of.Round 2
‘Idol ko rin ‘yan eh’
Not all famous people rely on personal chauffeurs to get around. At one point, many celebrities were regular people, too-and we like to think you don't just forget your roots after a breakthrough moment in the spotlight.In the case
Have you experienced this?
We understand that money's tight. With the way gas prices are going and potential tax hikes on the horizon, it's understandable that many are now trying to find way to earn a little extra income. We have to say, though,
Remember this?
Remember when the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) ordered ride-hailing giant Grab to refund its users in Metro Manila owing to pricing issues following its takeover of Uber's local operations? Apparently, not many users have claimed the amount they're owed.
A direct challenge to Grab’s dominance
Motorcycle ride-hailing platform JoyRide Philippines has launched its car-hailing service with a promise to become a formidable competition to market leader Grab.The company received its certificate of accreditation to operate as a transport network company (TNC) from the Land
Will the company bounce back in 2022?
The pandemic has not been kind to the ride-hailing industry. Just in case you're wondering how rough it's been, Grab posted a $1.1 billion loss in the final quarter of 2021, bringing its losses for the year to
Check out the official trailer of ‘Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber’ here
Uber has grown throughout the years from a humble ride-hailing service provider to an established giant in its industry. The journey so far hasn't been perfectly smooth for the company, however, as it faced its fair share of controversies and
It has now partnered with energy company TBS Energi Utama
Ride-hailing and courier-service company Gojek has already expressed its plans to go fully electric by 2030. Now, the company has its sights set on developing a new EV ecosystem for two-wheelers in Indonesia.Gojek has partnered with TBS Energi
But why, though?
Well, that was short-lived. Commuters will no longer be able to book Move It rides via the Grab app after the motorcycle taxi service was suspended from the service.In a strongly worded statement, Move It blamed the development on other
Planning to try this out?
It looks like Grab is once again aiming to shake up the Philippine motorcycle taxi scene. This time, it's partnering with Move It to provide Pinoys with another local ride-hailing option on two wheels.Starting September 23, Grab users will
Rewards also await vaccinated Grab users
No way to get to and from a vaccination site? Taking a Grab ride might be a more viable option soon. We aren't just saying this because opting to forego trains, buses, and jeepneys lessens the risk of you catching COVID-
Definitely not a good look
Well, this definitely isn't a good look for the underground motorbike ride-hailing industry.In a Facebook post, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija shared that agency enforcers recently apprehended a habal-habal rider along EDSA. A distressed
Always be sure to check the helmet a rider hands you
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) continues its crusade against illegal habal-habal riders. In a Facebook post yesterday, agency traffic chief Bong Nebrija lambasted the underground motorcycle ride-hailing industry anew, saying its existence undermined the efforts of legitimate services like
What would you do if he delivered your order?
Have a gripe you want to share regarding your Grab order? Perhaps a late delivery, subpar food, or messy packaging? If you live in Singapore, one day you might just get the opportunity to bring your concern straight to the top of
From unicorn tails to bulletproof vests
Smartphones and gadgets? Sure, people leave these inside ride-hailing vehicles and taxis all the time. The same goes for wallets, sunglasses, earphones, and other easy-to-misplace personal belongings.Sometimes, there are total head-scratchers, though. You wouldn't imagine someone
Every jab counts
Is the COVID-19 pandemic nearing its end? No, but at least we can find some solace in the fact people are beginning to get vaccinated (albeit at a less than stellar rate here in the Philippines). The jab is the best
Could the future of ride-hailing in PH be electric, too?
As automotive manufacturers start going electric, it's almost inevitable for businesses under the industry to go down the same route. Ride-hailing giant Gojek, for example, is already preparing to enter a new fully-electric era.The Indonesian company has revealed
That’s quite a payday
Lyft probably isn't familiar to some of you on account of its absence in the Philippine market. But alongside Grab and Uber, it's a pretty widely known ride-hailing service, despite only being available in the US.The company was
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