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Mastery of these drills will go a long way in making you a better rider
The NAMSSA-approved track has five trail jumps
Cleanfuel, which started as an auto-LPG business and is now one of the country's fast-growing fuel companies, has opened its first motocross track in Silang, Cavite. Situated in a one-hectare lot along the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road (just
It has locations in Clark and Baguio
If you've read Top Bikes Philippines' track-based reviews recently, you'll notice that most of them were written by a certain Che Estepa. Aside from being one of our contributors, she is a former airline pilot and instructor, and is
MotorClyde uses a Harley-Davidson 750 to teach students
While most people could only dream of hopping on a Harley-Davidson, a riding school in the Philippines actually teaches its students with what is fondly referred to as a 'hog.'Nine Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia-Clyde 'Karim' Solano, Erwin Carpena,
Learn the right way
Even if you aren't a die-hard sportbike enthusiast with multiple sets of racing leathers, it's hard to deny the appeal of being able to attack a racetrack like Rossi or Marquez. Of course, to be able to get your
Minimize the risks, maximize the fun
From being a student just a year ago, Che Estepa has leveled up to training riders on the fundamentals of safety riding. The ongoing pandemic has forced local airline companies to drastically cut their number of flights, so the pilot has more
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