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A one-stop-shop for all sorts of motorcycle gear and apparel
Test rides of various bikes are also available
Any riders here looking to get new gear? Get a load of this: The Makina Moto Tiangge is happening this weekend, October 1 to 2 at Circuit Makati.What's up with that, you might ask? Well, there are deals and discounts
if you haven’t picked out a bag yet, check this one out
Picking a decent bag can be tricky for riders. Something too big can be a pain in the butt on long rides, while something too small can be just downright impractical. What I have here is something that's right in the
A full guide for anyone looking to buy a new shell
For motorcycle riders, the focus is almost always on the ride. Questions like "Which model is that?" "What's your dream bike?" or "Where have you been with your motorcycle?" are common enough that any rider probably has a ready answer for
And a quick guide on how to protect yourself from counterfeits
Filipinos are no strangers to counterfeits. We have all sorts of fakes or 'Class A' on full display in shopping centers across Greenhills and Divisoria. These products are cheap, and more often than not, they look a lot like the real thing
Riding gear, clothing, accessories—you name it
We'd like to think Husky owners are the types of riders who pay very close attention to style. Husqvarna's motorcycles are quite stylish steeds, after all-they have very unorthodox designs that you won't find in a lot of
Designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for the Italian marque
Ducati has revealed another new piece to add to its new apparel collection: the Horizon V2 modular helmet.This new touring helmet was developed by Ducati and was designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer. The stylish design
So hard to choose a design
In a sea of various colors, designs, and graphics, finding the right helmet can be challenging. If you happen to be one of the many Filipino riders who grew up watching anime, then Bilmola's latest line of limited-edition lids could
Anything here catch your eye?
It's hard to go wrong with buying a rider motorcycle apparel for Christmas. It just makes sense, and there's a wide variety of products and brands you can choose from.If you agree, you might want to hold off from
Deals are available until November 29
Feel like you missed out on that MotoMarket sale last week? Don't worry, because Motoworld is holding a massive sale this weekend, and the offerings are available both online and in several stores nationwide.Helmets from brands like Shoei, AGV, Nolan,
This is the budol you’ve been waiting for
PSA to our rider friends out there: If you'll be in Quezon City this weekend, you'll want to check out MotoMarket Centris' grand launch sale, which kicked off yesterday and will be running till tomorrow, November 21.This latest showroom
Check these out
Momo's popular products aren't just for car enthusiasts. The Italian company also caters to motorcycle aficionados through Momodesign.Established in 1981, the lifestyle brand incorporates Italian style into its innovative and urban-inspired gear and apparel items. Part of Momodesign'
Well within budget without compromising safety
Lots of riders prefer open-faced helmets for their ease of use, unbeatable ventilation, and typically affordable price tags. While this kind of helmet is definitely not as protective as a full-face lid, a decent, properly-rated one is more than
Because it’s rainy season once again
The rainy season is now upon us, and riders will know just how much of a hassle riding in the wet can be. Aside from low traction on wet roads, high winds, and getting soaked to the bone, another pressing concern is
Put on a helmet, wear proper footwear, and carry your license at all times
Let this be a reminder to riders who assume that short distances and quick errands will spare you a ticket.On Monday, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija shared on Facebook a photo of three motorcycles parked on the
Make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned money
Now that going out to shopping establishments isn't as safe as it used to be, more and more people are turning to stores and sellers based on Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, and other online platforms to purchase the items they need. And
Its products are designed in Europe and manufactured in India
Due to the current COVID-19 policy that prohibits the sharing of helmets among multiple users, the demand for affordable, good-quality protective gear has increased tremendously in the past few months. The latest addition to the ongoing helmet war is SMK,
Their new lids will provide better protection
Irked by the sight of Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (HPG) officers wearing substandard helmets purchased at cheap prices from the Port Area, a senior PNP official has taken the initiative of providing them with quality motorcycle headgear.Maj. Gen. Dionard
We can’t risk catching a cold these days
Although the summer season is not yet officially over, thunderstorm warnings are becoming more frequent as the days go by. Climate change is definitely taking its toll on all of us.But instead of blaming the weather, people should prepare themselves for
They're now available in PH for decent prices
Is choosing a helmet giving you a headache? With the multitude of brands and models of helmets now flooding the local market, quality, price, style, comfort, and of course, brand reputation play an important role in your decision.OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT
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