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Delivery vans, let alone ones used by services outside of the Philippines, aren't usually something we concern ourselves with here at Top Gear Philippines. We're making an exception for Amazon's new custom-built electric delivery fleet, though-it just
Tesla accused its competitor of poaching employees and stealing trade secrets
There are only a few names that come to mind when we think of companies that could actually catch up to Tesla in the electric pickup wars. Rivian is one of them.Late in 2019, it released more updates to the Rivian
Elon Musk’s truck can’t do this, can it?
Tesla may have beaten everyone else to the game with the big-albeit controversial-reveal of the Cybertruck, but it seems that its competitors may soon catch up. Automotive startup Rivian, in particular, has something up its sleeve that could easily rival
Delivering parcels, one silent quarter-mile at a time
Earlier this year, a small online retail company called Amazon led a £544 million (around P35.3 billion) round of investment in the all-electric startup Rivian. Now, off the back of that, Amazon has placed a huge order for 100,000
It will use the EV company’s skateboard platform
It has happened! Ford has announced its $500-million (P26.13 billion) investment in Rivian Automotive, and this sounds like the perfect partnership if everything goes as planned.Rivian has wowed the world by unveiling prototypes of the advanced all-electric R1T
Like the R1T, the seven-seat R1S can do 0-60mph in 3sec
Rivian is a new electric-car company with bases in both California and London. Yesterday, we saw its idea of a fully-electric, stupendously powerful pickup truck called the R1T. Today, it has revealed a fully-electric, stupendously powerful SUV called the
It’s got one electric motor per wheel
This is a pickup truck. It comes from a company called Rivian working out of California and London, and-to be blunt-it is extraordinarily quick. Welcome to the all-electric, five-seat R1T pickup.Yes, all-electric. The new R1T is
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