#9: When you accidentally damage a bike next to yours, don’t just run away
You are probably scratching your head as you enter a parking area and to witness how the number of motorcycles in the country had multiplied tremendously in the past years.Parking lot operators are now at a loss on how to accommodate
Yes, street signs have standards to follow
The Philippine standards for road warnings and street signs are based on international conventions entered into among countries. International conventions regulate road traffic between nations by adopting uniform road-traffic rules, road signs and signals, driver licenses, and vehicle registration documentation, and
Knowing this could save your life
This will be very short, dear friends. But you need to pay attention because this information--assuming you don't know it yet--could save your life or somebody else's.Today, we posted another viral video on our Facebook page, showing
Let's make our roads safer and friendlier
You say you want a resolution? Well, alright: How about we all commit to helping make our roads safer and friendlier in the coming year? Yep, motoring nirvana doesn't depend on traffic officers--it rests heavily on our shoulders, the driving
It has to do with the Pinoy mindset
You're familiar with your car's signal lights, right? Their purpose is to allow you to inform other motorists around you that you're either turning or switching lanes. Not only do they exist for road courtesy, they're there more
You seriously have to watch this
Do you often encounter rude drivers who have absolutely no regard for other people whatsoever? And do you often find yourself seething in anger because you can't do anything about it?Guess what: The problem of discourteous drivers isn't exclusive
Do you agree?
This was aired by PBS NewsHour in the US earlier this year, but we thought of highlighting it now due to the prevalence of motoring abuses committed by rich people these days--including a certain Metro Manila mayor who got incensed when
Indie singer steals show during President Noynoy's inauguration
Big-name Filipino singers lent their world-class voices to the oath-taking ceremony of newly elected President Noynoy Aquino. But it wasn't the likes of Charice Pempengco, the Apo Hiking Society, Christian Bautista, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid or even
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