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Has anyone here ever tried cycling or jogging in the dark? Here in Metro Manila, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking ordeal-not because of the fear you'll run into a white lady or some other ghostly specter, but because
The dilapidated structure now boasts a clean and vibrant (and functional) look
We understand that there's still a long way to go before we can call Metro Manila a walkable and bikeable city. But at the very least, we've seen various cities and districts in the capital take steps to improve the
And a quick guide on how to protect yourself from counterfeits
Filipinos are no strangers to counterfeits. We have all sorts of fakes or 'Class A' on full display in shopping centers across Greenhills and Divisoria. These products are cheap, and more often than not, they look a lot like the real thing
Being careless can mean disaster
An overtake is one of the most basic maneuvers every motorist should have in his or her arsenal. That said, messing it up can literally mean the difference between safely passing the slow car ahead or ending up in a wreck, so
To avoid further barrier-related incidents
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) concrete barriers along EDSA have been the subject of public scrutiny ever since the agency put them up. To many, these dividers that are meant to separate the EDSA busway from private-car lanes are
Do you pass here regularly?
Proper lighting in public spaces and along thoroughfares is a big factor to consider when you're talking about safety. Visibility is incredibly important, especially in a country like ours where reliable pedestrian infrastructure isn't so common.That said, we're
Think we could use these in PH?
Have you ever been irked when faced with a stoplight that seemingly didn't know what in the world it was doing? We have, and let us tell you that few things are more frustrating than a green light that gives you
And they make a lot of sense
For British motorists, the proposed Highway Code changes have caused a stir on the interwebs. Well those new rules came into force last week, 29 January 2022, so what better time to check what's expected of drivers and cyclists alike?Contrary
What’s your take on this issue?
Remember the millionaire speed demon who flaunted his Bugatti Chiron's top speed on the Autobahn? Yeah, it hasn't exactly been a smooth-going past couple of weeks for him.According to a report by The Sun, Radim Passer could actually
The safety feature can mean the difference between life and death
The verdict has been in for quite a while now: Anti-lock brakes (ABS) can spell the difference between life and death during hard braking situations-even more so when you're on two wheels instead of four, where you're more
Good to know
Last year, Senators raised the issue of some 60,000 obstructive electrical posts remaining in the middle of widened roads. For its part, the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has done significant work this year to help solve this.According to Meralco's
The carmaker is now working on a new road-condition monitoring system in the US
Road safety doesn't just depend on car technology or pedestrian and driver behavior-road conditions play a role as well. Road imperfections, the lack of signage and road markings, and other similar issues can ultimately be detrimental to the safety of
Does the name work for you?
Honda is to Honda Sensing as Nissan is to Nissan Intelligent Mobility. As for Toyota, it used to be the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) package, but it appears the carmaker has created a new umbrella name for all of its advanced driver-
Here’s how the carmaker plans to do it
For Honda, the upgraded Honda Sensing 360 package is just a small step toward achieving its goal of zero traffic-collision fatalities by 2050. But while the carmaker has its work cut out for it, it appears Honda has been real busy
And the Mom of the Year award goes to…
No car? No problem. A New Zealand politician took to two wheels while in labor over the weekend so she could give birth inside a hospital.Julie Anne Genter, a member of New Zealand's parliament who campaigns for sustainable transportation, shared
It comes complete with a cape
You're never too young to get into comic books and superheroes. Considering the prominence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it's a lot easier getting kids into comic culture these days, too.If, however, you're looking to get your
New amenities have also been installed in Nuvali for the well-being of cyclists
Cycling has been a go-to for a lot of Filipinos throughout this pandemic, be it for commuting or simply for leisure and exercise. The sheer number of cyclists on the road these days is proof of that.In response to this,
It’s now being implemented in Cauayan City, Isabela
More local government units are starting to adopt no-contact apprehension programs (NCAP) in their areas. The local government unit of Cauayan City in Isabela has announced that it is now implementing the same system within its jurisdiction.According to the LGU,
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