We get behind its wheel to find out
A good road trip car doesn't necessarily need to come equipped with a wide variety of convenience features or enough seats to fit a whole barkada.Frankly, most vehicles are perfectly viable provided you're only carrying one or two passengers.
Now that’s what we call a drive
For the first time in what seems like ages, it finally feels like it's safe to embark on a road trip. Chances are many of you guys, having been cooped up inside your homes for so long, are already gearing up
A peaceful breakfast with a view? Need
Tagaytay is easily one of the most popular go-to places for anyone looking to unwind, especially for folks who live in the metro. The only problem people like me have with the place? It gets too crowded on weekends.In their
This hole in the wall cafe is quite the gem
A lot of us these days have completely shifted to work-from-home setups throughout this pandemic. I myself am lucky enough to not have to report to the office every day. And since I live south of the metro, it means
Road-tripping to Laguna? Try this one out
I always rave about the food culture in my hometown of Los Baños to my teammates at Top Gear Philippines, all of whom-save for one-live in Metro Manila. "Sarap talaga ng pagkain sa LB" is something I say regularly.
Now this is what we call a road trip
On paper, blowing the last of your savings to go on an epic road trip doesn't sound like the best of ideas. This, though, didn't stop four dudes from doing exactly that-embarking on a 6,000km voyage from Kenya
What a cool snack to munch on
We now have a guess where Nissan might venture into next after it's done with automobiles: the food industry.You see, it isn't just the e-4ORCE-powered, ramen-delivering machine that can be found in Nissan's food-related
This could be useful
You know how when you and your barkada go on a road trip, you always need that one friend who's in charge of keeping things in order? Trip planning, toll fee management, knowing what to do if things go awry on
Any day with a Jag is a good day
After two Christmases spent in a pandemic, we're still eager to get a chance to drive out of the city for a quick break. Especially if the opportunity comes with a Jaguar F-Type. Early this month I was invited to
If you’re willing to eat inside your car
On October 8, 2021, Malacañang announced that children below 18 years old are now allowed to travel outside Metro Manila to areas under GCQ and MGCQ. However, this is limited to point-to-point travel, depending on the guidelines and health
Locations closer to the metro like Tagaytay jumped in the rankings
The COVID-19 crisis may have kept us locked up in our homes for the most part over the past year and a half, but many of us still got our chance to travel whenever restrictions eased up.According to digital travel
One of the most solid brands in the business
Just because we're all stuck at home at the moment doesn't mean we can't get excited for when we can finally go out. If you're already planning your next motoring excursion-whether it be a cross-country trip
The Honda Safety Driving Center shares these tips
If you've been traveling either by air, sea, or land for quite some time, we're pretty sure you've already experienced some form of motion sickness. Reports say one in three people experience motion sickness during long travels.Mind you,
Seventy years in the business and still going strong
There are different types of vibrations. As the Beach Boys and any good sex-toy salesman will tell you, there are good vibrations. But there are also bad vibrations. Vibrations that are unrelenting and worrying; oscillations that can loosen any lug nut,
Check out the requirements
With quarantine policies in several parts of the country easing up, local government units have started opening their doors to motorists and travelers.This is the reason inquiries about the Philippine Loop have started pouring in, not only at the office of
Can you relate?
The challenge of keeping children calm on a long road trip is a universal struggle that doesn't discriminate. Even celebrity parents like Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona know all too well how fussy young kids can get when they've been
We discover why it’s possibly the best luxury car on sale today
Rolls-Royce's Ghost is powered by a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 that makes 849Nm of torque from just 1,600rpm. That amount of twist from such a modest crank speed is one of the things that makes the Ghost
For when we can go out again
When was the last time you were able to get behind the wheel and drive for hours on an open road? It has been a year since we've stopped going out recklessly without a plan or a face mask, and with
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