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They allow instant communication with the CALAX Traffic Operation Center
These are called ‘Electronic High Visibility Panels’
If you often drive at night here in the Philippines, especially along expressways, then you've probably seen a few trucks with those blinding rearward-facing lights. It's irritating, not to mention dangerous, for anyone approaching from behind.But contrary to
Take note, VW owners
With the enhanced community quarantine causing the temporary shutdown of car dealerships and local repair shops, now is arguably the worst time to have any kind of mishap with your car in the middle of the road.Luckily for Volkswagen owners, you
From engine trouble to losing your keys
As the summer season reaches its peak, expect to see more two wheelers to hit the road. However, more motorcycles on the streets also mean more possible roadside emergencies. So why travel with a motorbike if it comes with a lot of
This could be a big step in achieving road discipline
With the breakdown of driver discipline in almost every corner of the country, determining who's to blame in a vehicular accident is becoming a difficult task. More so if lies and deciet are becoming the norm. What aggravates the situation further
Coffee and calisthenics are involved
With the increasing number of road accidents in many parts of the country, government authorities seemed to have dried up on new ideas to counter these unfortunate incidents.From speed radars and breath analyzers, to motorcycle and bus lanes, the Land Transportation
Perfect for the rainy season
To be honest, we've lost track of how many times we've reminded motorists to be extra cautions on the road during the rainy season. Keep your eyes on the road, drive slowly, check your tires, keep your get
Go on a road trip for a cause
Another carmaker has announced a Holy Week motorist assistance program for the long weekend. Hyundai Asia Resources, the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines, will be lending a helping hand via its Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance (SMRA) program at strategically
A worry-free road trip this weekend
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is also providing motorist assistance throughout the Holy Week break.The program, called Mitsubishi Service Plus Motorist Assistance, will run during the peak of the Holy Week holiday rush: from March 24 to 27, from 8am to 5pm. This
Two dozen dealers will provide services
This Holy Week, Honda Cars Philippines is providing motorists with on-site road assistance services at various dealerships across the country.A total of 24 different Honda dealerships will be participating in the annual event. At these dealers, Honda Emergency Assistance Teams (
Makes it easier to call for assistance
The last thing any of us want is to be involved in a vehicular accident. An accident, especially one that sees cars smashed up, can lead not only to damage to property but even loss of lives. This is why it is
For your motoring peace of mind
Honda Cars Philippines is another carmaker that will be ready to assist motorists on Holy Week. According to the Japanese carmaker, it will be fielding its Honda Emergency Assistance Team (aka HEAT) "to provide on-site road assistance at different locations nationwide."
Don't you wish we had that in PH?
Local Kia owners must be envious of their counterparts in Australia since the Korean carmaker's distributor in that country has rolled out "an industry-leading package that sets a new standard for customer care in the Australian automotive landscape."From its
For all cars regardless of make and model
Toyota Motor Philippines is prepared for the Holy Week, bringing back its Toyota Motorist Assistance service that has been a tradition for the past 23 years. It runs from Maundy Thursday (April 17) to Easter Sunday (April 20).According to TMP, its
From Holy Wednesday to Easter Sunday
Honda Cars Philippines, together with its dealership network nationwide, will once again be deploying its annual Honda Emergency Assistance Team "to provide on-site road assistance, service and support in different travel destinations nationwide from April 16 to 20 (except April 18,
Now also focusing on health and environment
On its 27th year, Petron Lakbay Alalay--the petroleum company's motorist assistance program--undergoes a makeover. Formerly involved with only helping stranded motorists during long calendar breaks (Holy Week and All Souls' Day), the program now has a series of activities
Along with special discounts on certain services
Total Philippines is partnering with Universal Motors Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Nissan light commercial vehicles, to provide assistance to motorists as part of the petroleum company's Motor Medic program.Free safety checks and roadside assistance services courtesy of UMC will
With free Wi-Fi to boot
In an effort to manage the expected high volume of vehicles during the Holy Week, the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC), together with the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) and Caltex, is once again launching its motorist assistance program called "SafeTrip Mo, Sagot
From March 27 to 31 (except on Good Friday)
This Holy Week, Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) will once again hold its Honda Emergency Assistance Team (HEAT) program. On March 27 to 28 and March 30 to 31, the program will provide on-site travel aid, service and support in the following
Plus discounts and freebies at service sites
Summer season is the season of road trips in the country. And Chevrolet Philippines--aka The Covenant Car Company Incorporated--supports this Filipino tradition by offering the Chevrolet Roadside Assistance. This program encourages periodic maintenance service among all car owners and gives
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