Just so you know
If you're one of those frustrated motorists who constantly complain that the reason traffic is so bad these days is that there are not enough roads to accommodate the influx of new cars in our market, you might want to know
Heads-up for southbound motorists
Thank God it's Friday tomorrow, and a payday Friday at that! But before you drive off to your usual end-of-the-week hangout, the Department of Public Works and Highways wants you to know that traffic might be just a
Where exactly?
Perhaps to take advantage of the sparse traffic on Metro Manila roads as urban dwellers either stay indoors or travel to the provinces over the Holy Week break, the Department of Public Works and Highways has announced that it will conduct road
Expected to be completed by April 17
The Department of Public Works and Highways has started its pavement reconstruction and drainage improvement on Dimasalang Street in the Santa Cruz and Sampaloc areas of Manila.The road and drainage work will cover sections of Dimasalang and span the following streets:
How much is the cost of each one?
The National Economic and Development Authority, which is chaired by President Benigno Aquino III, has approved six infrastructure projects that aim to provide commuters and motorists with "a more reliable and efficient transport infrastructure system."Four projects are expected to benefit motorists,
Taking place this weekend
We seriously have to warn you about hellish traffic this weekend, because the MMDA says so. Besides the Department of Public Works and Highways resuming its weekend road repair and reblocking efforts, the Manila Water Company will also be conducting emergency test
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