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Why your car might not need it
You've just signed over your hard-earned cash to purchase the car of your dreams. Right before turning over the keys to you, however, the salesperson offers you a service called rust-proofing.He explains that it's a treatment wherein
This is how the experts do it
Byrnes Motor Trust (BMT) Restoration, the largest auto restoration shop in the world, is located in Clark, Pampanga. Does that come as a surprise? It's a place that is capable of producing concours-level restorations for some of the world's
To prevent rusting
Hi, Top Gear. I just want to ask when and how frequently should we have our cars underwashed. Is regular underwashing sufficient enough to prevent rust in the undercarriage rather than the expensive undercoat and rust-proofing? Thank you!Gerald Aguila  Hi,
Play it with ultimate realism
Video games are one of the most convenient and budget-friendly gift options around. Most titles and consoles are easy to get unless they're a new release, and even then it's rare that you won't find what you're
Check out this Cadillac
Judging from the badges, this is a Cadillac Fleetwood from the early '50s.Look at all of that chrome. I must say that I really dig the giant bullet tips on the front bumper.Even if its chrome is tarnished, this Cadillac
You know you want it<br />
Thrustmaster is offering four different gamepads derived from Ferrari's stable of both roadgoing and F1 cars. The controllers are named after the cars themselves, with the design even aping the look of their namesake cars, so the F430 Scuderia gamepad
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