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The dynamic brand is no more
Remember the Scion brand? For the uninitiated, this is Toyota's youth-oriented nameplate in the North American market. We've featured a few of its vehicles on our website, and openly expressed our desire for some of its models to be
Limited to just 1,000 units
The Toyota 86 has managed to make a name for itself as an affordable sports car that provides drivers with loads of fun behind the wheel, despite only being out in the auto scene for a few years. Its initial success was
It would be cool to have this brand here
The Toyota brand is practically a household name in the Philippines. The Scion nameplate, however, is a different story. Hardly any Pinoy knows about the youth-oriented badge, save for a few car enthusiasts. Quite a shame, really, as the marque has
Too bad they're sold in North America
Whether one admits it or not, the harsh reality in the consumer marketplace is that branding is everything. Slap the Apple logo onto a computer or a phone, for instance, and patrons will be flocking to the store in droves just to
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