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We take it on a quick shakedown
Friday, February 26, was a busy day for the local motorcycle industry. That day, we covered the virtual launches of the new Honda PCX160 and the Yamaha NMax 155, which were presented by the two big manufacturers almost back to back.But
Two variants are available
Yamaha Motor Philippines has unveiled the 2021 Mio Aerox, which is now compatible with the Y-Connect app. This feature not only notifies riders of incoming calls and texts, but also updates them with the scooter's performance stats through what's
The model, available in two variants, has just made its PH debut
A couple of months after the international launch of the new PCX160, Honda Philippines has confirmed that the new scooter will soon be available on the local market.The 2021 model will come in two variants: CBS (for 'Combi Brake System') and
Who wants to see this here?
The Honda Dio first found its way to the Philippines back in the '90s in the form of imported secondhand units. Then powered by a tiny 50cc engine, it easily captured the hearts of Pinoy riders with its simplicity and functionality. Who
The 2021 model just broke cover in Thailand
Yamaha Motor Thailand has removed the wraps off the 2021 Aerox 155, which now features smartphone connectivity via a new LCD panel.Yamaha's Y-Connect app allows riders not only to view calls and messages, but also to receive information about
Honda Philippines has announced that the 2021 X-ADV, which comes with a boatload of new on- and off-road features, is now available on the local market.Topping the list of additions is the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system. By connecting
Good choice
Any Vespa riders reading this? Well, another Vespatito is joining your ranks, and this time you're probably familiar with him.Yes, that's Bong Nebrija. You probably know him for laying down the law on EDSA as the Metropolitan Manila Development
Bring it back
One of 2020's headline acts-in the world of cars, at least-has been the Honda e. It's as overly cute and proudly Japanese as urban transport gets. Or so you'd think...That'd be ignoring what Honda got
Just launched in Vietnam
More excitement awaits the Asian region as Yamaha unveils the new Exciter 155 VVA, known as the Sniper 155 in the Philippines, for the Vietnamese market. This sport underbone is now powered by a 155cc SOHC single-cylinder engine that boasts Variable
Which do you fancy?
Last month, we broke the news on the scheduled arrival of Royal Alloy in the country. Exelerate Ventures, the British scooter brand's local distributor, gave us a sneak peek at these classic-styled rides which are now available on the local
The tweaked engine is 5% more fuel-efficient than before
The newly refreshed 2021 Honda Vision 110 is the newest scooter to join the Japanese brand's European lineup.The urban scoot gets changes like weight reduction (via an enhanced Smart Architecture Frame), and an engine upgrade. The 109.5cc 'enhanced Smart
It promises to be very easy to use around the city
With the hype around the new NMax 125 yet to subside, Yamaha is following up with another 125cc scooter: the 2021 D'elight 125."It's the lightest urban commuter scooter, making it more enjoyable to ride and easier to maneuver-and
It’s got all the hallmarks of a stylish and efficient daily commuter
The Yamaha NMax holds a special place in the hearts of Filipino riders as an all-around scooter. This updated NMax 125, thankfully, lives up to that billing.The latest iteration of the Japanese manufacturer's entry-level model is fitted with
It inherits this styling from its bigger MT siblings
Inspired by the phenomenal success of the Master of Torque series, Yamaha has unveiled the new Aerox in stealthy paintwork that was once exclusive to the company's hyper naked bikes.Now featuring 'The Dark Side of Japan' design scheme that became
Three models will be available initially
It's official: The much-awaited Royal Alloy scooters will soon be available after a local company was designated as the official distributor of this European brand in the Philippine market.Exelerate Ventures managing directors Chito Santos and Brian Kitane said their
Setting the new standard for the brand
Honda has just taken the wraps off of the 2021 Forza 750 and Forza 350 for the European market. Both are loaded with luxury features and are ready to slug it out with their competitors in the premium segment.First, the Forza
It’s a timeless-looking scooter
Benelli Philippines further strengthens its presence in the local market by unleashing the retro-looking 2020 Panarea 125 scooter.The new Panarea 125 looks awesome with its curvaceous, classic-style body shell that mirrors the designs of iconic premium scooters from Vespa
To make matters worse, the two riders weren’t even wearing helmets
Two guys riding a sub-400cc motorcycle along the Manila-Cavite Expressway (Cavitex) wearing no helmets or any protective gear whatsoever. Damn, talk about ticking all the wrong boxes. Riding a small bike on the tollway is dangerous enough-not wearing a
Stylish AF
First launched at the EICMA show in November 2019, the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon edition has finally made it here to entice hip scooteristas.Willy Tee Ten, president and CEO of official Philippine distributor Moto Italia, led the unveiling of the Primavera
It costs only P59,900
If you've seen a TVS bike on the road, chances are it's one of the brand's venerable 'pantra' motorcycles attached to a sidecar, or the dependable XL100 business moped. Known for its affordable and reliable workhorses, this Indian manufacturer
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