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This stylish two-wheeler is reportedly set to debut in India
Think our market already has enough small-displacement maxi-scooters? We beg to differ. If we could have our way, we'd like to keep 'em coming.One scooter we've recently taken note of is the Keeway GT270. The marque is
The small scooter is priced at P78,900
Suzuki Philippines is making some slight changes to its motorcycle lineup. Specifically, to its popular affordable scooter, the Burgman Street.We know it hasn't even been two years since the Burgman Street's arrival, yet Suzuki is already making some changes.
This 174cc scooter will come at a premium, though
There's been word going around over the past few weeks that MotoItalia and Bikerbox were planning to launch the Aprilia SR GT in the Philippines. Now, the new scooter has officially landed in our market.The new Aprilia was launched during
Do you think Honda Philippines should bring this new model in?
The Genio is still one of the relatively fresh models in Honda Philippines' (HPI) lineup. With its chic and stylish looks, we highly doubt the scooter will begin to show its age anytime soon. However, a new model has just surfaced in
It has a 97km max range and 80kph top speed with a swappable battery to boot
When the motorcycle industry finally goes fully electric, we know one model we'd like to see plying our roads: the Sunra Robo-S Utility.This is nothing like those stylish electric scooters or bikes that you may have been seeing in
We’d love to see this around here
Opting for two wheels instead of four is one way to offset the rising cost of fuel. But to be honest, with the way prices at the pump are rising, we reckon plenty of riders' pockets' are hurting as well.Makes you
A workhorse fit for city riding
If the BeAT, Genio, Grom, and Monkey are anything to go by, then it seems Honda has a fondness for quirky little bikes with one-word names. One machine of this sort that you might not have heard of is the Dunk,
Efficiency is this vehicle’s main weapon
Getting fleets of all kinds to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels can go a long way in the fight against climate change. We aren't just referring to private companies, either, as government bodies utilize vehicles of different sorts as well.
The 150cc bike looks like it’s ready to hit our market
The Honda ADV 350 and the Aprilia SR GT aren't the only adventure scooters that caught our eye at the 2021 Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA). Meet Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer SYM's newest creation, the Husky ADV.The Husky
Digging the combination, too?
Adventure motorbikes, like the Honda Africa Twin and BMW R1250 GS, are arguably the pinnacles of two-wheeled versatility. Models like these can be a lot to handle, though-both for those with more modest budgets and for uninitiated riders.If you'
Are you satisfied with these improvements?
As far as maxi-scooters are concerned, it's hard to be in the market for one without considering the Yamaha TMax. There's ample power thanks to its 560cc engine capable of 47hp and 55.7Nm of torque, it comes with
Would you like to see this in the Philippines?
Honda's adventure scooter family continues to grow. More than two years ago, Honda revealed the ADV 150-the X-ADV's smaller sibling. Now, the motorcycle marque has unveiled the new ADV 350 at the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (
Gotta love that retro racing livery
In celebration of 60 years of Grand Prix racing, Yamaha has been releasing a series of special liveries for its YZF line of sportbikes. From the R15 all the way up to the R1, each member of the Japanese brand's roster
Same-same, but different
As successful and popular as the Mio Aerox is, not every market in the world gets it, although that doesn't mean that Yamaha has left a 155cc-scooter-sized hole in its regional lineups. Instead, countries like Taiwan receive models like
Less features but more value
Kymco's latest scooter, the KRV 180i TCS, caught a lot of riders' attention with its sleek looks, new engine, and variety of functions and features typically reserved for more high-end motorcycles. However, the current global microchip shortage means that bikes
Police cars are nice, but they can only do so much when you drop them into a cramped setting like Metro Manila. With a road system made up primarily of tight, traffic-clogged streets, you might as well give up on catching
If staying connected during rides is important to you
Just because something's retro doesn't mean it can't come with a few modern conveniences here and there. Just take a look at the new Vespa Sprint S with a TFT dash-you get the unmistakable old-school vibe of
This exterior scheme celebrates Yamaha’s 60 years in Grand Prix racing
Recently, Yamaha graced its YZF line of sportbikes with sick World GP 60th anniversary edition liveries. Non-YZF-R models, however, don't get to rock the iconic white-and-red paint schemes right out of the factory. Not until now, at
Maybe it’s the right size for you
The continued growth of both the scooter and adventure-bike segments is truly something to behold. As a result, the new 'adventure scooter' class is also quickly gaining popularity.Last year, scooter giant Kymco introduced its entry to the segment, the DTX
Let’s take a closer look
Late last month, Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) staged the virtual launch of the 2021 Mio Gear with a promise to make the first batch of units available by September. So, Top Bikes Philippines recently visited the Yamaha YZone at Greenfield District in
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