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It’s arguably one of BMW’s most radical designs in recent memory
A personal take on the bike after half a year of ownership
Prior to this pandemic, I was on the fence about buying a new motorcycle for several years. I never really pushed through with it, thinking I'd be able to save up more money if I just took the train to work
The force is strong
Brazilian riders and Star Wars fans just received a special treat in the form of special-edition NMax scooters: Two space-opera-themed versions of the model have been released-one for both sides of the Force-to commemorate 50 years of
And what shocking things has it seen while braving perilous city roads?
Following the rugged Zuma 125, Yamaha has added another model to its growing collection of quirky scooters. Meet the Vinoora, an oddly cute two-wheeler from that's sorta reminiscent of some kind of cartoon character.First introduced as a 2020
This little Honda is one of the O.G. last-mile solutions
Before the arrival of electric kick scooters and battery-powered bicycles, there was the Motocompo-Honda's quirky little foldable motorcycle.It's not the pioneer of alternative mobility solutions, but it's easily one of the most popular ones from decades
Put on a helmet, wear proper footwear, and carry your license at all times
Let this be a reminder to riders who assume that short distances and quick errands will spare you a ticket.On Monday, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija shared on Facebook a photo of three motorcycles parked on the
Despite its absence from the local scene for more than three decades
We're pretty sure many scooter lovers are now having sleepless nights after Honda Philippines (HPI) officially announced the Dio's return to the Philippines by June this year.Naturally, there have since been endless queries regarding its arrival. The question is,
Just launched in Malaysia. Would you like to see it here as well?
Sanyang Motor has made the new SYM Jet X 150 available in the Malaysian market, more than a month after introducing the 2021 SYM Maxsym 400. Could this maxi-scooter give the Yamaha NMax 155 a run for its money? Let's
Would you like to see these on our NMax 155?
Yamaha's NMax 125-or simply NMax in Japan-has been updated for the Japanese market. This maxi-scooter will be available for purchase there starting June 28, and it features several updates that bring it in line with the current NMax
The paint job is called Matte Pearl Crater White
Honda's updated Click 125i scooter, dubbed the 'Game Changer,' has lived up to its moniker by becoming the best-selling automatic-transmission model in 2020, according to wholesale data gathered by the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association.For 2021, Honda Philippines (
We dig that new rugged styling
Yamaha's quirky little Zuma 125 scooter gets a refresh for 2022. In addition to a rugged new style, the 2022 model also benefits from a Blue Core and Variable Valve Actuation-equipped engine, adjustable headlights, and aggressive tread tires.While not
Channeling the RC213V’s livery
In case you missed it: Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has released the Honda Dio Repsol Edition.Weeks before the return of the Honda Dio in the Philippines, the Indian subsidiary of the Japanese manufacturer had already launched a special version of
By far the most affordable scooter in Honda PH’s lineup
Honda comes bearing gifts for scooter aficionados in the Philippines with the local launch of the all-new Dio.The beloved scoot now comes in Candy Jazzy Blue, Sports Red, and Vibrant Orange color schemes. Form meets function in the Dio's
Please make it real
As spoiled for choice as we are with the variety of bikes available in the country, there's still a whole bunch of interesting scooters that Filipino riders can't easily get a hold of. Manufacturers don't bring their entire product
Twenty-five units of the new NMax w125 will be deployed for the job
The Yamaha NMax has been chosen as the official paddock scooter for MotoGP races. This development came after Yamaha Motor Company and Dorna Sports signed a new agreement assigning the Japanese motorcycle giant to continue being the official supplier for the premier
The new paint job looks great with those gold wheels, too
One of Honda Philippines's hottest AT units, the ADV 150, made waves when it officially came to Philippine shores in 2019. With impressive equipment and looks reminiscent of that of its 750cc sibling, the X-ADV, this urban adventure scooter is
We take it on a quick shakedown
Friday, February 26, was a busy day for the local motorcycle industry. That day, we covered the virtual launches of the new Honda PCX160 and the Yamaha NMax 155, which were presented by the two big manufacturers almost back to back.But
Two variants are available
Yamaha Motor Philippines has unveiled the 2021 Mio Aerox, which is now compatible with the Y-Connect app. This feature not only notifies riders of incoming calls and texts, but also updates them with the scooter's performance stats through what's
The model, available in two variants, has just made its PH debut
A couple of months after the international launch of the new PCX160, Honda Philippines has confirmed that the new scooter will soon be available on the local market.The 2021 model will come in two variants: CBS (for 'Combi Brake System') and
Who wants to see this here?
The Honda Dio first found its way to the Philippines back in the '90s in the form of imported secondhand units. Then powered by a tiny 50cc engine, it easily captured the hearts of Pinoy riders with its simplicity and functionality. Who
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