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Previewed alongside the new four-cylinder 500SR and three-cylinder 675SR
CFMoto has been on a roll over the past year or so, as it has launched one new model after the other both globally and locally. It continues its hot streak at the recently concluded 2023 CFMoto Day where it previewed three
It comes with a 125cc engine and a P100k SRP in Thailand
We've been waiting for the Honda Scoopy for quite some time already, and by now we've accepted the fact that Honda Philippines (HPI) has no plans to bring that scooter in.We've since moved on from that, though, and
The Indonesian brand announces its arrival
If there's one thing we know about the Vespa community, it's that some people there go big on aftermarket upgrades. Like, really big. While some riders like to keep their Vespas stock, others really splurge on their scoots.Now, if
It’s strangely entertaining
The current Formula 1 has been a bit one-sided this year. Red Bull has swept just about every race (so far), and Max Verstappen's lead is almost insurmountable. If anything, the 2023 season is a race between 19 drivers fighting
Another addition to the brand’s local lineup
After launching the CFMoto 800NK, Motostrada has also unveiled the new Peugeot XP400 at the 2023 Makina Moto Show. This marks the brand's entry into the expressway-legal adventure-scooter segment.The XP400 does boast that ADV scooter design, with an
A 12-inch rear wheel replaces the old 10-inch one
Suzuki has also joined the festivities at this year's Makina Moto Show, where it has just unveiled the new Burgman Street 125 EX. What's new with the scooter, you might ask? Well, if you're one of those complaining how
The adventure scooter was launched at EICMA last year
Honda Philippines isn't the only brand that's launching entirely new models at the upcoming Makina Moto Show. Peugeot Motocycles Philippines will also be expanding its lineup this year.The French marque has announced that it will be unveiling the XP400
It will take on the likes of the Honda ADV 160
Bristol Motorcycles closed out 2022 with the launch of the Vantaggio and welcomed 2023 with the arrival of the Invictus 400. After a quiet two months, the motorcycle marque is now back with another new model: the ADX 160.The ADX 160
The second new Yamaha model unveiled at the 2023 Inside Racing Bike Festival
The Mio Gravis isn't the only new motorcycle in Yamaha Motor Philippines' (YMPH) lineup. It also introduced a second new model at the 2023 Inside Racing Bike Festival: the new XMax.The maxi-scooter boasts a few design tweaks to go
Yamaha’s budget-friendly scoot gets a few updates
The 2023 Inside Racing Bike Festival & Trade Show (IRBF) is officially underway, and one of the first launches from this year's festivities comes courtesy of Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH).The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer unveiled its massive booth at IRBF earlier today,
More reasons to want this scooter back in Honda’s local lineup
Need any more reasons the Scoopy should be back in Honda's local roster? What about this: a new set of stylish colors that's now been rolled out for 2023. We swear we were just talking about this popular scooter a
Yes, Peugeot has a scooter. And yes, it’s pretty good
An impressive little scoot
The concept of a crossover is popular with Pinoy car buyers. They love it for its versatility-the flexible utility as an urban mobility vehicle that can occasionally be driven on rougher terrain, maybe even off-road. On two wheels, the hype
The country’s best-selling scooter has been revamped
In case you missed it, Honda Philippines (HPI) officially added yet another new model in its lineup to start the year: the all-new Honda Click 125. This rounds up what has been a very busy year for HPI, with huge launches
Eyeing one?
Honda Philippines closes out the year with a major motorcycle launch-the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has officially unveiled the 2023 Honda Click 125, priced at P80,900.The scooter will be manufactured in Honda's Batangas facility.Powering the 2023 iteration of
It produces a whopping 23 horses
We can hear the Ducati Panigale riders quaking in their boots from here, as Vespa announces its most powerful production model ever.The new GTV features something Vespa calls the 300 HPE (which stands for High Performance Engine, no less). It's
We wonder how many hours this took
Remember arcades? They're not as big as they used to be, but they're still a pretty decent way to pass some time at the mall while you're waiting for something.Hanging out at one enough to save tickets for
The new model has just been launched in Japan
It isn't exactly slim pickings when it comes to Yamaha's lineup here in the Philippines. But while the motorcycle marque already has its bases covered here, we admit we still wish some models in other markets were available in ours,
This is it, folks. It looks like our guess was right-Honda Philippines (HPI) has now officially launched the all-new Honda ADV 160.If you saw the global launch a while back, then you know that in terms of aesthetics, there
Teasers suggest a local launch is imminent
Remember how we speculated back in August that the ADV 160 could be the next addition to Honda Philippines' (HPI) lineup? Well, we finally have some sort of confirmation.HPI recently released a teaser on Facebook of a "long-awaited scooter" that'
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