Um, okay
This roller-coaster of fuel prices just keeps going on and on this year. We'll be seeing price hikes one week then get a set of rollbacks the next. Tomorrow, March 14, 2023, gasoline prices in the Philippines will go up
The roller coaster continues
Following last week's fuel-price hikes, we're going to see yet another set of rollbacks tomorrow.Effective February 28, 2023, the prices of diesel products in the Philippines will go down by P1.30 per liter. Gasoline prices, meanwhile, will
These numbers just continue to fluctuate
Fuel prices in the Philippines just continue to fluctuate. After consecutive decreases, pump prices will once again move in the opposite direction this week.The advisories are out, and for the week of February 21 to 27, the prices of diesel products
We’re taking all the discounts we can get
Fuel prices have been a bit volatile to start off the year. We've seen spikes and rollbacks for both diesel and gasoline products over the past few weeks. But if there's one thing that's certain, it's that the
Up, down, up, down
What a volatile start it's been for pump prices this year. After going up and down throughout January, fuel prices are now set to rise once again this week.Advisories from various fuel companies are now out, and it looks like
New year, same oil price hikes
What a disappointing start to the year. After last week's fuel-price hikes to close out 2022, we now get even more sizeable price bumps to kick off 2023.For the week of January 3 to 9, the prices of gasoline
Available at select stations nationwide
Fuel prices have seen a big dip over the past few weeks, but as it stands, they're still far higher than pre-pandemic figures. That's why we're all still on the constant lookout for fuel discounts and promos to
More of this, please
After a big increase last week, fuel prices in the Philippines are set to go down tomorrow, May 2.Effective tomorrow, the prices of diesel products will go down by P1.15 per liter and gasoline products by P0.65 per liter.
When will we see these prices normalize again?
After a couple of rollbacks, fuel prices are going back up again this week. And similar to recent hikes, diesel prices will be getting a significant bump.Effective Tuesday, April 19, 2022, the prices of gasoline products in the Philippines will go
This will come in handy
Seaoil's latest promo should make rising fuel prices easier to swallow. Well, at least if you're a transport network vehicle service (TNVS) driver or delivery partner.Every Monday this March, Seaoil is giving TNVS drivers and delivery partners from select
Will this ever end?
Fuel prices keep skyrocketing week in and week out, and tomorrow will be no exception. As of this writing, we've yet to see any price cuts this year, significant or otherwise. *sigh*Effective tomorrow, February 8, 2022, the prices of gasoline
Be informed
Heads up, motorists. If you're planning to refuel your vehicle tomorrow, expect to shell out more at the pump.Fuel companies have announced a price increase set for January 11, 2022. Gasoline will be going up by P0.75 per liter,
A rough start to the year
It's going to be a bit of an unfortunate start to the year for us motorists, as several fuel companies have announced a major price increase to kick off 2022.Effective tomorrow, January 4, diesel prices are set to increase by
*Some companies will freeze prices in areas declared under state of calamity
After a few consecutive weeks of hefty rollbacks, fuel prices are back on the rise yet again. Just when we thought things were going to get better in time for Christmas. *sigh*According to the latest advisories from various fuel companies, the
This is pretty big
Fuel prices in the Philippines have continued to drop these past few weeks, much to the delight of many motorists. More good news has come in today as a major rollback is set to be implemented tomorrow.Effective December 7, 2021, the
The price drops continue
Well, what do you know? After consecutive drops over the past few weeks, it looks like fuel prices are set to go down again tomorrow, November 23, 2021.The prices of gasoline products will drop by P0.85 per liter, while diesel
Diesel prices will remain unchanged
Week after week after week we saw fuel prices in our market skyrocket, but now it's finally starting to make a slight turn for the better. Various fuel companies have just announced that tomorrow, November 16, 2021, the prices of gasoline
Other prizes, including Yamaha NMax units, are also up for grabs
Heads up, motorists: Seaoil is bringing back its Lifetime Free Gas (LFG) promo for its fifth year. Considering how fuel prices have shot up these past few months, we reckon this will pique your interest.Through the LFG promo, three customers-one
Fuel prices see a major increase for the second week in a row
Another week, another fuel-price hike. This time around, though, we're about to see a major increase for the second week in a row.Gasoline and diesel prices went up by P1.45 per liter and P2.05 per liter, respectively,
It might be a good idea to gas up now before it takes effect
If you have time to gas up right now, you might want to do so, because fuel companies are implementing hefty price hikes on gasoline and diesel products tomorrow, October 5, 2021.According to their latest advisories on social media, Caltex, Cleanfuel,
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