Does your kid use one?
A substitute bill aiming to further protect children riding in vehicles passed the House Committee on Transportation earlier this week, and drivers found not in compliance could face a fine of up to P5,000.The Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act
The kids didn't take much convincing
We're willing to bet that more than a handful of our readers have experienced an on-road collision at one point or another. Hopefully, you had your seatbelts on when you did, because it doesn't take much of a hit
In the name of safety
Ford has now licensed its patented inflatable seatbelt technology, making it available to other companies--including its competitors in the automotive industry--in the name of safety.According to the American carmaker, the availability of licenses "may lead to the wider adoption
When your dash lights up like a Christmas tree
Getting into your car and putting the key in the ignition, you are greeted by a collection of warning lights, right before the engine starts. While most of these are nothing to worry about, the lights that stay on after you've
Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
I have been a big fan of Top Gear since October 2005. I was still in Grade 6 back then! Every month, it has been my ritual to buy and read your magazine, which informs me about the latest cars available on
Following Ford's and Lexus's lead
Mercedes-Benz is set to introduce on one of its luxury-class vehicles an inflatable seatbelt strap which the German carmaker calls "Beltbag," making the company the third car manufacturer to do so, after Ford with its Explorer and Lexus with the
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