It’s not the shape of things to come
You'd struggle to place a single box on the new Mercedes-Benz EQS, let alone three. Now we're in the era of 'Electrify All the Things,' the humble sedan-a staple of the motoring world for decades-appears to be
Not bad
GAC is going the extra mile to assure customers of its offerings' durability. The carmaker's GA4 sedan was entered in this year's Kalayaan Cup, and not only did it make it through in one piece, but it also performed admirably,
Does this mean more cars post-COVID?
We're now finally seeing a semblance of what our pre-COVID-19 lives looked like with malls and other establishments opening. And while we're slowly easing back into what our lives looked like before, it looks like people are also
Will it still be the sedan king?
The Vios has never been the sexiest or most desirable of Toyotas, but, until the bargain-basement Wigo arrived, it was the cheapest. Still, considering this model has been 'My First Toyota' for many buyers since its launch here in 2003, Toyota
Is 2018 VW's breakout year?
Volkswagen Philippines is on a roll. Not only did the German carmaker just introduce the Santana--an all-new, budget-friendly subcompact sedan--it also brought in four new additions to its local lineup: the Lavida, the Lamando, the Santana GTS, and
The Mustang, thankfully, is spared
Let's cut to the chase: Ford has announced that it will no longer invest in developing next-generation versions of traditional sedans and small cars in the US market, meaning vehicles like the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion are done.Instead, the
No, really
We're as surprised as you are. This really is the all-new Peugeot 508, a replacement for Pug's aging big sedan. And my, doesn't it look... good?It's a more rakish take on the five-door hatch formula.
Which do you prefer?
If I had to choose one word to describe the current state of the auto industry, I'd have to go with "choices." Choices, choices, choices-there are just so many of them. Big or small, manual or automatic, turbocharged or naturally
That spoiler though
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. It shouldn't take much to convince you that the Honda Civic RS Turbo ticks all the right boxes. The car did bag Car
It was cheap, simple and efficient
Nissan's B13 Sentra was a popular car in the Philippines back in the 1990s. You literally saw this Japanese compact everywhere. After the base LEC trim was added to the range, it became a popular choice for local taxi operators. Fast
Was the Passat's return worth the wait?
I was exposed to Volkswagens early on in my life, which explains why I have a fondness for the brand. My dad's first car was a 1968 Beetle, which he still has to this day. We also had a Brasilia and
Subtle looks, brutal sounds
When Audi comes up with a car, you can expect a sportier 'S' version of it to follow soon after. While the S3's look remains consistent over three generations, the advancement of its components makes the current model better than the
Dealers now accepting reservations
Brace yourselves. After Honda Cars Philippines released a short video teaser last week, it's finally official: The all-new Civic will be arriving before long, making this one of the most anticipated launches of 2016.The 10th-generation Civic features a
It's more intelligent than some people
Let's get straight to the point: The new Ford Focus is a blast to drive. We were invited by Ford Philippines to the launch of the refreshed compact sedan and hatchback, and we were treated to a short but sweet drive
How would you rate the design?
Like we said, it's awesome having an automotive market whose size is 20 million-plus units, because carmakers will regularly design products just for your country's demographics. We're still talking about China, and this time, it's Nissan's
Meet the brand's latest entry-level car
Even before the boom of low-cost cars in Southeast Asia, this segment has been one of the biggest and probably one of the most important in India. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor India, which also export cars to our country, are
What happens to Lancer and Evolution?
When you hear the car brand Mitsubishi, the first images that probably pop up in your head are those of the Montero Sport, the Strada and the Mirage. Not too long ago, however, the Lancer and the Galant would probably be the
This or the Euro-market model?
When the current-generation Toyota Camry was launched in 2011, the US-market model looked a lot different from the European-market version--which was what we eventually got for our market the following year. With the updated Camry's recent revelation
Quieter yet more aggressive-looking
Toyota Europe has revealed the updated look of its Euro-market Camry, giving it a "more prestigious and dynamic exterior styling, and a significantly revised interior with a focus on high technology and improved sensory quality."The updated Camry ditches its conservative
How powerful?
It was inevitable, really. Just a month after Dodge unveiled the Challenger SRT Hellcat as "the most powerful muscle car ever," the American car brand has launched the Charger SRT Hellcat, which it insists is "the quickest, fastest and most powerful sedan."
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