Still a good drive, but...
I'll start things off with a bit of a confession: I'm a fan of BMWs. As far back as I can remember, I've always had a soft spot for the Bavarians. Getting up close to a Boston Green Metallic
Nissan has announced the launch date
2023 is shaping up to be a strong year for subcompact sedans. Toyota has the all-new Vios, while Honda gave the City several changes under the skin. You can now add Nissan to the list as the updated Almera is finally
Hyundai slaps on the Staria’s face on the Sonata
Hyundai just can't stop launching cars, can they? In the last three years, we've seen the all-new Tucson, the first-ever Staria, the refreshed Palisade, and more. There are more foreign releases too, namely the updated Elantra and the
The Hyundai Elantra gets an update
It's been a while since the Philippines last got the Hyundai Elantra. The last iteration offered here was the pre-facelift version of the previous generation. Since then, the seventh-gen model had been launched, but it never made its way
We see a hint of Stargazer in there
By now, you probably know that the all-new Hyundai Accent will make its global premiere later this month. Set for March 21, the new subcompact sedan undergoes a radical change on the outside and appears to aim upmarket for the new
Will these improvements reach local versions?
Believe it or not, the current-generation Honda City made its world premiere about three years ago. If we were to follow Honda's product cycles, that means this (not so) subcompact sedan is due for a bit of an update. So,
Hyundai’s Civic fighter gets a facelift
When Hyundai Philippines relaunched in the country a few months ago, you might have noticed a distinct lack of sedans in the local lineup. With a focus on crossovers, MPVs, and vans, we wondered if the South Korean automaker would ever reintroduce
Will the real deal come close to this sketch?
It's no secret that Hyundai is getting ready to launch a new generation of its subcompact sedan, the Accent. The South Korean automaker recently showed a teaser of the car bearing the Verna name, and now, it's ready to show
Sadly, no Evolution version is available
It was a sad day for Mitsubishi fans when the company announced the discontinuation of the venerable Lancer. Production ceased in 2017, and it remained available in some countries as late as 2019. Now, the Lancer is gone and there's no
A Type R for introverts?
Big news from across the US of A: Acura (Honda's lux brand in North America) has confirmed that a high-performance Integra Type S is in the works. Not only that, it'll join the brand's lineup for the
What's your favorite and why is it the E38?
What is it?The original Big BMW sedan. Launched in 1977, this car took over from the 'New Six' era of Bimmers, based around a timeless design by Paul Bracq. Evidence of BMW's 'shark nose' era on display here. BMW said
Five-cylinder goodness
A four-wheel drive, techno-overload hot hatch that thinks it's a super-sedan. And probably really annoyed that the Aston Martin DBX has it licked for the Biggest Grille At Speed Week award.Ordinarily, the RS3's trump card is
That's over 200hp per liter
Audi describes this limited-edition hot hatch as a "true street artist", though it won't be painting a merry picture outside Europe because, um, you'll see why later.That's right, the most powerful production RS3 ever now bears
It's a strong possibility
You've already seen what the new-generation Vios looks like. Launched about two months ago, it premiered in Thailand as the Yaris Ativ with a 1.2-liter engine. A few weeks after that, the Laos market got their hands on
For the budget-conscious buyers out there
Depending on your budget, the definition of a 'starter car' could be anything from a city hatch to a basic subcompact sedan. Hell, even crossovers are getting in on the action, with a handful of very affordable mini models entering the market
It’s not the shape of things to come
You'd struggle to place a single box on the new Mercedes-Benz EQS, let alone three. Now we're in the era of 'Electrify All the Things,' the humble sedan-a staple of the motoring world for decades-appears to be
Not bad
GAC is going the extra mile to assure customers of its offerings' durability. The carmaker's GA4 sedan was entered in this year's Kalayaan Cup, and not only did it make it through in one piece, but it also performed admirably,
Does this mean more cars post-COVID?
We're now finally seeing a semblance of what our pre-COVID-19 lives looked like with malls and other establishments opening. And while we're slowly easing back into what our lives looked like before, it looks like people are also
Will it still be the sedan king?
The Vios has never been the sexiest or most desirable of Toyotas, but, until the bargain-basement Wigo arrived, it was the cheapest. Still, considering this model has been 'My First Toyota' for many buyers since its launch here in 2003, Toyota
Is 2018 VW's breakout year?
Volkswagen Philippines is on a roll. Not only did the German carmaker just introduce the Santana--an all-new, budget-friendly subcompact sedan--it also brought in four new additions to its local lineup: the Lavida, the Lamando, the Santana GTS, and
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