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It’s been properly restored and is in excellent condition
Silverstone Auctions has been host to many historic vehicles of significance to the British royal family. One of the last few we featured in this space was an old Ford Escort once owned by Princess Diana.This time around, though, we travel
It’s royal memorabilia that’s actually worth buying
If you are a human being on this planet (and we're betting that at least some of you are), you'll have noticed how pricey things seem to be getting.And it seems that not even royal memorabilia is immune-as
Now this is a car with history to it
A pristine 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo? This by itself would likely fetch a nice sum at auction. The unit you're staring at isn't just any regular Ford, though. It was once the personal car of none other than the
It’s capable of doing up to 133km/L
Still want a diesel-engined car, but don't want to be lynched by pitchfork-waving mobs wherever you go? Silverstone Auctions has exactly what you need.You'll no doubt remember the Volkswagen XL1-not least because it's one of
It traveled each and every highway
Some of you younger folks out there might not be familiar with "Ol' Blue Eyes," but perhaps you've heard his infamous karaoke hit. We don't recommend you go out and sing it at your next videoke party, though-people have
Classic Fords go under the hammer
World class automotive specialists Silverstone Auctions has unveiled its list of lots for the annual September Sale-with legendary Fords taking the center stage. Here are some fine examples.This 2006 Ford GT, which is one of just 27 UK-delivered examples,
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