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He had a go at our sim-racing rig and took on Laguna Seca using the Toyota GR86
To those of you who used to watch Top Gear back in the day, we're sure you remember the popular A Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment. To be honest, we'd love to replicate that ourselves here at Top
This thing looks wild
It's now clear that Aston Martin is adept at engineering not only beautiful cars and competitive Formula 1 machines (sort of) but also insane sim-racing rigs. Remember the AMR-C01 Racing Simulator? Well, the British carmaker is now back with
Bet your ordinary rig’s got nothing on this thing
So you've got a busted car collecting dust in your garage, and you've got quite a bit of money to spend. Would you rather go through all the trouble of restoring it, or would you opt to just sell it
A new and improved version of Fanatec’s McLaren replica
Sim-racing enthusiasts, take note: the new Fanatec CSL McLaren GT3 V2 racing wheel is now available in the Philippines courtesy of Apex Sim Racing PH.This model from Fanatec is a detailed replica of the real McLaren GT3 race car's
It can be fitted with an actual RWB steering wheel, too
If you follow car enthusiast Angie Mead King, you probably know that these days, she's living the farm life somewhere we assume is a good distance away from the metro. Consequently, she doesn't get to drive around racetracks often anymore
The company is looking for drivers to compete under the HPD JAS Esports Pro Team
Honda is opening new opportunities for aspiring sim-racers who are looking to go pro. Through its partnership with Europe-based JAS Motorsport, Honda Performance Development (HPD) will start searching across several continents to recognize talented sim-racers.With the help of
‘Kaka-kompyuter mo ’yan!’
Still don't believe there's a future in sim-racing or in esports in general? Well, here's some disheartening news for you naysayers.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed that this year, the first-ever Olympic Virtual Series (OVS)
A few simple takeaways
When I got the message that I would be representing Top Gear PH at Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) first-ever GR Supra GT Cup, I was a bit torn.On the one hand, I was excited because I'd have the chance
The recent festivities gave sim racing the recognition it deserves
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently concluded its first-ever sim racing tournament, the GR Supra GT Cup. It was the replacement-for lack of a better word-for the Toyota Vios Racing Festival that would have pushed through as planned if not
Now this is what we call a simulation
Out of all the historic moments throughout Ayrton Senna's legendary career, some of his runs in Monaco are the most memorable. Runs which we get to relive once in a while through onboard footage such as this.But for motorsports enthusiast
We take a look at the affordable peripherals available here in our market
There's no denying the fact that sim racing has consistently gained popularity over the years.It has become more than just a game or a hobby, as even professionals themselves have started recognizing racing simulators as legitimate platforms where drivers can
Way to bring the feels along with the thrills
It's normal to see iconic movie cars and real-life vehicles get recreated in the video game world, but we just came across a new one that tugs at the heartstrings more than usual.Recognize it? Yep, that's Brian O'
Need for Speed, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, Grid, rFactor—the list goes on and on
Still looking for new stuff to try out during this quarantine period? Well, if video games are your kind of thing, then here's something for you: Online gaming platform Steam has officially rolled out its Summer Sale for 2020, and there'
What did you get your dad this year?
It's nice to see that the ongoing pandemic didn't keep us from giving our dads all the love in the world on Father's Day this year. Sure, we can't dine out at fancy restaurants or host mañanitas
The event will be open to the public, says Toyota Motor Philippines
The pandemic has put a stop to major racing events the world over, and the local racing scene is no exception. If not for this COVID-19 crisis, we would have been getting our dose of waku-doki action courtesy of the
Check out Mercedes-AMG F1 driver Valtteri Bottas’ sick gaming rig
As Formula 1 races have been put to a stop by the coronavirus pandemic, the next best thing that can provide us our dose of track action for the meantime is sim racing.In case you haven't noticed, professional F1 drivers
The first round of the championship will be staged on April 26
Lamborghini is enlisting three of its factory drivers to race at the upcoming SRO E-sport GT Series Championship 2020.Andrea Caldarelli, last year's Blancpain GT Series overall champion and 2020 Daytona 24 Hours winner, will race in the Orange1 FFF
A handful of online racing events are being live-streamed on Facebook weekly
Sim racing is becoming even more popular by the day. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to confine people (hopefully) to their homes, more and more are racing fans starting to look to alternatives to get their regular dose of racing action.
Racing sims are on another level these days
Here's something that'll have gamers without racing wheels fuming in their non-gamer seats: The BMW M3 E30 DTM-one of the most popular, not to mention successful, touring cars ever to grace the track-has been given a second
Donations amassed during the championship will support various UNICEF projects
As the COVID-19 outbreak has caused the world's biggest racing events to hit the brakes, fans and professionals alike have taken more notice of e-sports and sim racing. As a matter of fact, Formula E has already launched its
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