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A solid phone mount
Scrolling through your phone while driving is a big no-no. In the age of connectivity though, navigation apps like Waze are useful (and sometimes necessary) for getting around. Enter phone mounts. Nowadays, there are hundreds you can choose from--from premium
Riders are entitled to use Waze too!
No one is exempted from Metro Manila's monstrous traffic. As it gets worse every day, cars, trucks and buses are not the only ones that suffer in gridlock but motorcycles, too. These two-wheelers are helpless when they turn into a
With some minor reservations
You have your charger, and you have your fancy smartphone. Now all you need is a mount to affix your phone to your windshield. Yes, you can leave it on the dashboard or in one of the cubbyholes, but you'll have
It comes in various shapes, sizes and prices
If your loved one is a car nut and uses a smartphone as a GPS navigational aid, then he or she will need one of these. A smartphone holder can make viewing maps or checking out information safer and less cumbersome. Mounting
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