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If you think about it, track days are hot, noisy, uncomfortable experiences. The weather is sweltering, especially in Malaysia, and you're always thirsty. But when done well, track events are the best ways to experience a sports car, not to mention
Can you come up with your own?
Before we proceed, let's get one thing out of the way: Taylor Swift is the most popular singer on the planet right now, period. Her 78.5 million followers on Twitter and 74.9 million fans on Facebook support this statement.
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Ford Philippines (@FordPhilippines)All torque & no action? Sounds like a mission for a #FordRanger. Watch: #ScienceOfTough Car USA (@VolvoCarUSA)See how Park Assist on the #AllNewXC90 steers you into your parking space. #futureofdriving https://
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Honda In America (@HondaInAmerica)Honda values #WomenInSTEM, including Tina, one of Honda of SC's first associates #STEM (@Audi)Roses are red. Violets are blue. The #AudiTT is Tango Red Metallic. Hope you didn'
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MMDA (@MMDA)#BeLikeRuby #mmda Chairman (@LTFRB_Chairman)LTFRB will summon operator & driver of Joanna Jesh bus that hit plastic barriers today at EDSA southbound lane per FB post of Top Gear.Official Gazette PH (@govph)ADVISORY via @MMDA: Number
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SLEX - MaTES (@OfficialSLEX) (@Honda)Throw the ultimate tailgate party with the available truck bed audio system in the 2017 #HondaRidgeline. (@Waze)What's your fav #Waze mood? Learn more about moods in @NatAndLo's
Check out these motoring photos
Don't know about you, but we're fascinated with old, black-and-white motoring photographs. Particularly if the setting is Old Manila from the '40s to the '60s. There's just something about automobiles in those days, not to mention the
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Porsche (@Porsche)Our favorite thing to the corner. Happy #NationalHugDay USA (@BMWUSA)We love giving hugs, especially to tight corners. #BMW #NationalHugDay USA (@subaru_usa)Share some #Subielove today and give your car
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Jay Leno's Garage (@LenosGarage)POWERFUL. STRONG. MENACING. #JLG #StarWars Abrera (@paoloabrera)Premium point-to-point bus service is a winner! ðŸ'ðŸ½ P55 sm north to glorietta. On time, guatanteed seats...we need more of
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Ferrari (@Ferrari)"Our destiny is in our hands. As long as we know exactly what we want and are intent on obtaining it" #EnzoFerrari South Africa (@MINISouthAfrica)Make 2016 your best lap yet. #MINI #2016 #HappySunday pic.twitter.
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Toyota Europe (@toyota_europe)#Santa can't waste time bumping into things! Will the Panoramic View Monitor win him over?#RAV4Hybrid South Africa (@MINISouthAfrica)Four times Dakar Rally winner. Let's make it five in 2016. #WHATEVERITTAKES #DAKAR2016 pic.
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Bridgestone Philippines (@BridgestonePH)Underinflated tires wear faster and use up more gas.Overinflated tires have less grip. #SafetyBeginsWithBridgestone Philippines (@FordPhilippines)There's no such thing as 'too big' when it comes to Christmas! #KeepItFestive
See how your favorite brand fares
BMW cars are the most posted rides on Instagram among US residents. This is according to a recently concluded study by Auto Insurance Center, an American firm specializing in, well, car insurance. The study shows that the German car manufacturer tops all
Now you know
Thanks to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, we often feel like nothing can shock us on social media anymore. But the truth is that we still stumble upon surprises--both pleasant and otherwise--every now and then. Take this one for
Which limited-edition car is it?
We all know American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is a douchebag rich man, and as such he can very well afford to do things only douchebags wealthy guys can do. Like buy stupendously expensive supercars hypercars on a whim and then brag
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The phrase "like a boss" suits cats perfectly. While they also share our homes and cars (as do pet dogs), felines should be given affection only when they demand it--and in the right amount that they want. Over-pet them and
Stop the unsafe habit
We just can't stress enough how careless it is for anyone behind the wheel to be distracted by a smartphone. Whether you're checking your inbox, scrolling through Facebook, or browsing Instagram--taking your eyes off the road to check on
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Because we have a highly competent government agency that distributes driver's licenses like condominium flyers, our roads are as safe as a jungle with a chock-full of venomous snakes. You have to be a defensive driver to survive the wild.
You have to see who drives this car
Car photos are a dime (probably even a nickel) a dozen in our mailbox. People send us pictures of their cars all the time. Even snapshots of cars the senders do not own find their way to our electronic pigeonhole. The Ford
Shatters records on our Facebook page
You may know that our Facebook page has a bit of a following. As such, its posts--whether links, photos or videos--get quite a bit of attention. But nothing prepared us for the photo we posted yesterday morning--that of a
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