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Yes, the Philippine transportation system is broken. There's no denying it. And if want any shot at fixing it, first, we're going to have to talk about it.Journalist Atom Araullo recently got everyone doing exactly that after sharing recent
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The Musk-Twitter drama has finally come to a close. Well, at least one chapter of it anyway.Tesla boss Elon Musk has finally taken ownership of Twitter following a tumultuous acquisition process that began back in April. The buyout was turned
Sandwich frontman Raymund Marasigan isn't going to let a little traffic stand in between him and performing for fans.In a recent tweet, the OPM legend and avid cyclist asked his followers for the best bicycle route from Pasay City to
Someone give these people an award
In most cases, those lucky enough to afford a car spend years saving up for one. We think we speak for many of our readers when we say our rides are a big part of our everyday lives, too.That said, we
Would you do the same if you had the money?
A week ago Kylie Jenner posted an image of Travis Scott, her partner, on a runway. In the background are two private jets, and the photo was accompanied by a caption that reads "You wanna take mine or yours?"Obviously, Jenner was
Very mature
In April, Elon Musk said he was buying Twitter. The social media giant had even agreed to a $44 billion (around P2.3 trillion) acquisition already. Now, though? It appears that deal is off the table.According to a report by CNN,
Is this on your bucket list?
Have you ever tried going dune bashing in an SUV? We have, and let us tell you that yes, kicking up sand in the middle of the desert is exactly as fun as it looks. Just try not to get stuck.Don'
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From the top of your head, what's the most loved car brand in the Philippines? Naturally, it must be one of the major Japanese car manufacturers, right? Probably Toyota, or perhaps Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan, or Honda you would think.According to
What exactly is it?
At first glance, the vehicle you see before you is a pre-facelift Toyota Land Cruiser J60. Four-strip grille design, rounded headlights, and rectangular blinkers-pretty standard stuff, right? Well, not exactly.Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as internet celebrity
Well, that was unexpected
In the blue corner, we have an empty aluminum Sunkist can. In the red corner? A shiny new Nissan Z with some neat aero up front. What exactly is happening here? We don't know-but it's got our attention.Oh
Twitter isn't the only giant Elon Musk needs to worry about now that his acquisition of the social media platform has been approved by the board-he still has Tesla to keep an eye on, too.According to a report by
So, good news or bad news?
It's official: Elon Musk now owns Twitter.According to a report by the New York Times, the sale pushed through after the social media giant agreed to Musk's ownership for $54.20 (around P2,800) a share. That figure is
Think you can do this?
Performing stunts using remote-controlled cars might have lower stakes compared to doing so behind the wheel of real ones, but it takes a considerable amount of skill nonetheless.Don't believe us? Then maybe you should check out rcdrifttok and ask
As usual, keep your eyes on the road while driving
Remember when TikTok wasn't a thing? Yeah, neither do we. These days, the app is everywhere-even in our car's touchscreens.Okay, maybe not in our cars' touchscreens since we're in the Philippines. But if you happen to own
A matter of when, not if
Late last month, Toyota dropped a pretty inconspicuous image of a car interior on Instagram. For the vanilla follower, it was just another run-of-the-mill scheduled social-media post. But eagle-eyed fans of the brand were able to determine
Ready to bust a move for the planet?
Promoting electric cars and hybrids for the sake of the environment? Sure, we can do that. Breaking out into dance to help spread the green motoring revolution, though? We'll spare you the horror.Hey, not everyone is born with backs built
Can you guess what he bought with his first big payday?
Well, that came out of nowhere. Errol Spence Jr. will no longer be facing Manny Pacquiao in the ring on August 21 (August 22 in the Philippines) after suffering a torn retina. Ouch.Taking the American's place later this month will
You don’t need memes when you can hear Dom say ‘family’
Family. Family. Family.By now, chances are some of you are pulling your hairs out with the countless Dominic Toretto 'family' memes you're seeing on your Facebook feed. Fret not, because soon the meme might be making its way from JPGs
Be careful what you click
Guys, if something online sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Perfect example? The scam going around with Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) supposedly giving away free stuff to celebrate its 80th anniversary.The Japanese car manufacturer has released a statement
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