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The Aptera Paradigm+ is a solar-powered EV
One of the biggest reasons why many people aren't too keen on shifting to EVs is range anxiety. We get it. Few things are as stressful for motorists as watching the fuel gauge warning light come on while you're on
Never run out of battery again
Every now and then, we come across a product that has us kicking the ground and shaking our fist at the clouds asking "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" to ourselves. "We'd be millionaires by now!"This is
The wonders of crowdfunding
The rather bland, boxy-looking thing above is the Sono Motors Sion. That name ringing a bell in the very depths of your 'pointless knowledge' lobe? It ought to, because we covered news of the prototype back in August 2018. How could
Hopefully other regions follow its example
Driving clean is a relatively simple proposition, provided you have the money to shell out for a zero-emissions vehicle. Keeping the manufacturing process of said vehicle clean, on the other hand, takes considerably more effort.Toyota, though, has just shown the
Maybe to help jealous wives find husbands?
To help showcase how its Leaf electric vehicle is helping people convert solar energy at home, Nissan has applied glow-in-the-dark paint to its EV.The Japanese carmaker worked with Hamish Scott, the creator of Starpath, which is a spray-
School\'s best finish since joining in 2007
Sikat II, De La Salle University\'s solar car which had run in the 2011 World Solar Challenge, finished third in its class in the recently concluded 2013 running of the biennial race in Australia--the school\'s best-ever finish since
Enough to provide power to a town of 15,000 people
Renault is one of the world's largest carmakers. Recently, it also became the carmaker with the world's largest photovoltaic system when it unveiled 400,000sqm of photovoltaic panels at six of its production plants in France.The solar panels are
Potentially cutting its power cost by more than half
The Department of Energy recently inaugurated the solar-powered LEDs that it recently installed inside the Boni Tunnel in Mandaluyong City with the help of the Asian Development Bank, which provided the lithium batteries and other accessories for the solar power assembly.
Team repairs Sikat II; solar car still in the race
Sikat II, De La Salle University's (DLSU) entry in the 2011 World Solar Challenge, suffered a temporary setback as one of its battery packs reportedly exploded and caught fire yesterday.Fortunately for the team, the incident happened after Sikat II reached
Want to know how the group is doing?
The 2011 World Solar Challenge is officially underway, with the race kicking off on October 16, a day after Team Solar Philippines' Sikat II passed the procedural "static scrutineering" and "dynamic scrutineering" conducted by the World Solar Challenge committee.Both scrutineering tests
Over 70 rural communities now illuminated with solar-powered lamps
The 19-day nationwide Ride for Light motorcycle tour that kicked off last April 16 has successfully wrapped up and, in the process, exceeded its goal to provide solar-powered lanterns to 40 rural communities.The three riders--rural electrification advocate Philippe
Get electrified!
Three motorcyclists on BMW dual-sport motorcycles greeted the weekend by kicking off a 19-day, 6,600-kilometer tour from the Rizal Monument to 40 rural communities that have yet to see electricity.The three riders--rural electrification advocate Philippe Saubier,
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