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Carmakers have tucked spares on (or in) some rather interesting places...
Is this an issue?
So, what's the image above you ask? Well, it's the spare tire compartment of a Honda Brio Amaze, and it was sent in by a concerned reader asking if the sealant/epoxy all over is something he should
These could save you a lot of trouble
Taking care of the four rubber things that keep your car on the ground is important. But it's just as vital you look after the spare tire that's in place in case one of those four goes flat. Here's
None of the dealers have it
Hi, Top Gear Philippines!Where can I find a replacement for my donut spare tire? My 10-year-old Mitsubishi Grandis, Mazda CX-9, Mazda 6, all of which I drive, all have donut spare tires.I want to replace the tire
It depends on the tire
I'm learning a lot from your articles because I am a newbie driver. I'll be traveling far north next month to spend my holiday in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Since this is a long drive, I am a
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